Cop Out (2010)


A comedy about two cops whose adventures include locating a stolen baseball card, rescuing a woman, and dealing with gangsters and their laundered money.

Cop Out

On the trail of a stolen high-value baseball card, maverick cop and his partner tangle with a memorabilia-obsessed gangster and rescue a Mexican beauty, who holds the key to millions in laundered drug money.

Release Date

February 26th, 2010 (wide)


Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Adam Brody, Jason Lee

Interesting Fact

This movie has also been called ‘A Cop Out’ and ‘A Couple of Dicks’. Officially it is called Cop Out.

Our Clever Prediction

Our initial thought is Box Office Bomb, but damn Kevin Smith movies are usually pretty good. Plus, we hear Jim Norton is in it, so we’ll give it a chance. Ramooooooooooooone!