City Island (2010)


City Island is a March 2010 movie about a family’s bizarre and layered lies to one another and how they come unraveled.

City Island (2010)

Based upon De Felitta’s original screenplay, “City Island” is the story of a Bronx prison deputy Vince Rizzo (Garcia) who recognizes a prisoner (Strait) as his grown child whom he sired with another woman twenty years earlier.

He decides to be the young man’s guardian in Rizzo’s family’s home, but his efforts to conceal the nature of his relationship to the young man promptly begin to unravel the complex web of deceits which have worn the family fabric threadbare through the years.

City Island Release Date

Friday, April 2, 2010


Andy Garcia, Paul Diomede, Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer, Alan Arkin

Reminds me of

Some crazy movie full of black people in awkward situations.

Our Clever Prediction

Does anyone care about Andy Garcia any more?

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  1. looking forward to a quirky comedy, ( little miss sunshine )film that is not mega hyped and will not be a mass media attention getter, rather an off beat, clever off beat comedy that we need from time to time.

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