Ceremony (2011)


Ceremony follows a young man who falls for an older woman and goes on a road trip to try to break up her upcoming wedding to another man.

Sam Davis is a children’s book author who falls for an Zoe, and older woman played by Uma Thurman. Sam enlists the aid of a old best friend in an attempt to break up Zoe’s wedding to some other dude.

Interestingly, star Michael Angarano was originally slated to play the best friend and Jesse Eisenberg was to play Sam, but Eisenberg dropped out and Angarano was promoted to the lead role. I find that interesting. Shut up.

The Scoop

This is the first feature film for Max Winkler, son of my hero Barry Zuckerkorn, I mean Henry Winkley. The Fonz. While Max doesn’t have a lot of work to his name, he has sold a few scripts recently, and with Ceremony he’s making a push into directing. Not a ton is out there about the film yet, but there is a short film clip (below) and it looks pretty decent. I read a review of the film based on a screening at a film festival, and it said that the style is similar to Wes Anderson, with smart dialogue and a lot of funny moments. It’s odd, even with Uma Thurman, I still want to see this.


Who’s It For?



Movie Release Date

April 8, 2011. Limited.

Who’s In It?

  Uma Thurman … Zoe
  Michael Angarano … Sam Davis
  Lee Pace … Whit Coutell
  Rebecca Mader … Esme Ball
  Reece Thompson … Marshall Schmidt
  Jake M. Johnson … Teddy
  Brooke Bloom … Margaret Cornish
  Harper Dill … Carol Archer
  Nathalie Love
  Joe Dolinsky … Chef #2
  Oscar J. Castillo … Chef

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What’s Good About It?

The film clip looks charming. Charming, I say! Also, it’s the son of the Fonz. It HAS to be good.

What’s Bad About It?

Uma Thurman.

Our Clever Prediction

Limited release means ‘We don’t expect it to make much money, but if by some miracle it catches fire, we’ll still take the money.’ So it probably won’t make many waves, but it may lead to a good career for Winkler.

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  1. I hope you’re very wrong about the limited release of Ceremony. Judging on this small clip from my You Tube site, the amount of hits this clip had in a short time. People want to see this film, even in other countries. I’m angry at Magnolia Pictures for putting this film On Demand, 4th March. Seeing the film first this way will make them not want to go and see this film in theaters. This will surely effect the box office takings, and show a false attendence. I hope when the figures show the amount of people seeing film. This will be taken into consideration. I’m from the UK I want to see this film!

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