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Killer Women is a new show that promises to give exactly what it says. It's about (extremely sexy) women with a predilection for killing people, preferably other women. It's based on the Argentinian series Mujeres Asesinas, and looks every...
Well, it took longer than I expected, but it's finally here. After Edward Cullen and his various knock-offs, the vampire genre has come back a full circle to the character that started it all. NBC's Dracula is an attempt...
Hawkeye Begins
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Glee (Fox): Season 5 Preview

The new season of Glee is about to air, while another season has already been renewed! Who knew lovers of young people dancing in shitty musicals extended beyond Zac Efron fans? Anyway, the fifth season has a lot in...
A Sherlock Holmes show? Why has no one ever tried that before?
Now find out why women fake orgasms (It's because they hate you)
After taking a big fall (literally), and rising to new heights (figuratively), everyone's favorite high-functioning sociopath is back. And so is his straight-laced sidekick, this time seemingly with an awesome mustache of despair. The Story So Far The final episode of...
Kids, I'm your mother.
It's about a list of all-time great NBA players.
Can Dexter face his sister's guilt?
World's greatest chemistry teacher is back.
Coming this fall on ABC
The show is coming back on August 11.
Find out who's responsible for Joffrey not being dead.

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