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2014 Movie Release

Low Down (2014) – Biopic of Jazz Pianist Joe Albany

Low Down tells the true story of legendary jazz pianist Joe Albany and his strained relationship with his daughter. Albany was an immensely talented individual. He wasted most of his potential on drugs and drinking. His wife, Sheila, the mother of his daughter, was likewise screwed up, and while he tried to be a decent guy and do the right ... Read More »

Stretch (2014) – A Limo Driver has a Long and Crazy Night

Stretch is a new action comedy about a limo driver who needs to take a crazy job to pay off his gambling debt. The job? Driving around a crazed billionaire with interesting appetites. Patrick Wilson plays Stretch, and his life is sorta crap. He’s buried in debt, and not the nice kind that ruins your credit score. Rather, this is ... Read More »

Maps to the Stars (2014) – David Cronenberg takes on Hollywood

Maps to the Stars is a drama from David Cronenberg about a famous Hollywood family, a new assistant obsessed with the fame, and the ghosts of the past. Mia Wasikowska plays Agatha, a young woman who was horrifically burned. She comes to Hollywood and gets a job as a personal assistant to Julianne Moore’s Havana Segrand. Havana’s mother was a ... Read More »

Playing it Cool (2014) – Captain America Ditches Heroism for Love

Playing it Cool is a new romantic comedy starring Captain America and Woody Harrelson’s wife from True Detective about a screenwriter who wants to write an action film, but gets hired to write a romanic comedy. But GET THIS: the guy doesn’t really believe in love! OMG! He’s like, totes going to eat all his words when he, a little ... Read More »

A Most Violent Year (2014) – A Family Struggles in 1981 NYC

A Most Violent Year is a new drama set in NYC in the year 1981.  That was, as the title indicates, a very violent time in the city’s history. The story follows a family trying to succeed during the brutal year. Oscar Isaac plays the lead, an immigrant working with his family to try to find their fortune and grasp that ... Read More »

Big Eyes (2014) – The True Story of Margaret Keane

Big Eyes is a new drama that tells the true story of artist Margaret Keane, who drew pictures that always featured excessively large, expressive eyes. She married a man who turned her work into a massively successful business, while stealing all the credit for himself. Margaret was a single mother back in the 50s who met a charming man named ... Read More »

Effie Gray (2014) – Scandal in Victorian London!

Effie Gray is a drama set in the Victorian Age about a young woman, Effie, who married a famous art critic at the tender age of 19 before having an affair with her husband’s favorite artist. It sounds like the husband is either insane, gay, or a bit of both. He marries the beautiful young Effie and refuses to consummate ... Read More »

White Bird in a Blizzard (2014) – Shailene Woodley Comes of Age

White Bird in a Blizzard is a new drama starring Shailene Woodley as a seventeen year old learning about sexuality while also grappling with the disappearance of her mother. I get the impression you’ll see the world this girl has around her unravel as the film progresses, starting with her image of her mother. Shailene’s character Kat had the ‘perfect ... Read More »

John Wick (2014) – Keanu Reeves as a Retired Hitman

John Wick is an action thriller starring Keanu Reeves as a former hit man who is hunted by a former friend. John has a contract on his head and has to get back in the game. There aren’t all that many more details available for John Wick at present, but it does seem his former friend, and of course fellow ... Read More »

The Rewrite (2014): Hugh Grant & Marissa Tomei as College Loves!

The Rewrite is a new romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei as a failing writer-turned college writing teacher and his student falling in love. Grant plays a once great writer, winning awards and such, though he’s fallen on some hard times. His once promising career has gone basically nowhere, and he’s out of money. He needs work. He ... Read More »

Rosewater (2014) – Jon Stewart-directed Political Drama!

Rosewater is a political drama based on the true story of Maziar Bahari, a journalist who was imprisoned and tortured for over 100 days after daring to report on the elections in Iran. Bahari was actually interviewed by a Daily Show correspondent shortly before being imprisoned, and the Iranian government used that as an excuse to imprison him. His wife ... Read More »