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2013 Movie Releases

The Ring 3 (2016)

The Ring 3, or The Ring 3D, is now officially called Rings! Rings is the third installment in the megapopular horror franchise starring a creepy little girl who kills through a VHS tape. Haha! I download all my videos illegally! No death for me! (just kidding, I never break rules. Ever). This movie was originally supposed to be a 2011 ... Read More »

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas (2013)

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas is, naturally, a Tyler Perry movie starring his most famous character, Madea, in a Christmas story. Madea works as Santa Claus at a local department store, and gives wisdom to all who meet her. And Larry the Cable Guy. Cause why not? It seems the basic premise is that while Madea works at the store ... Read More »

The Motel Life (2013) – Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff as Brothers

The Motel Life tells the story of two brothers who do whatever they can to get by in the world, even as forces beyond their control threaten to destroy everything they hold dear. Frank Lee and his brother Jerry have lived as sorta nomads for a while. Jerry has some problems. He’s maybe a little messed up in the head, ... Read More »

Killing Kennedy (2013)

Killing Kennedy is a new drama based on the best selling novel of the same name by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. The story tells the tale of the assassination of JFK and the man who kills him. The film goes intensely personal as far as the tale of the assassination goes. It’s an interesting thing that so many films ... Read More »

Losers Take All (2013) – Indie Comedy Rock N’ Roll

Losers Take All is a rock n’ roll indie comedy about a Punk band back in the 1980s who try to stay true to their sound and beliefs in the face of the potential to get signed to a major label contract. It’s a pretty common story, which usually ends with the band signing on the dotted line and seeing ... Read More »

Charlie Countryman (2013)

Charlie Countryman a young man traveling abroad who falls in love with a gangster’s girl, and tries to do the right thing while going on a trippy journey thanks to dropping acid. So it’s like my Friday nights. From what I gather, Charlie is a young American, and his mother recently died. Her last wishes were that he go on ... Read More »

Best Man Down (2013)

Best Man Down is a new dramedy about a couple who skip their honeymoon so they can make funeral arrangements for their best man. The best man is Lumpy, and he’s always the life of the party. He helps Scott and Kristen out with their wedding, and when he dies after the reception, they do their best to take care ... Read More »

Chinese Zodiac (2013)

Chinese Zodiac is a new kung fu action film starring Jackie Chan. It marks his 100th film, and he plays a man searching for the 12 bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac. Clearly, this is an origin story for the Zodiac killer. There aren’t a ton of details on the plot, except that Chan’s name will be ... Read More »

Big Sur (2013)

Big Sur is an adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel of the same name, which told a slightly fictionalized account of his time at a cabin owned by friend and poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The basic premise of the story is that Kerouac was, at this point in his life, struggling with both substance abuse and his new found fame. On the ... Read More »

Sunlight Jr. (2013) – Naomi Watts Gets Pregnant and Loses Her Job

Sunlight Jr. is a drama about a low income woman in love with a disabled alcoholic who gets pregnant, loses her job, and has to resist the advances of her ex. Life gets complicated for her. Melissa is the lead here, played by Naomi Watts. She has a minimum wage job and lives in Florida. She works at a convenience ... Read More »

The Double (2013) – Jesse Eisenberg Times Two

The Double is a comedic reimagining on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella of the same name. The story follows a young man who meets his doppelganger and is driven to the edge of insanity. Or maybe past the edge. There aren’t a ton of details on the film as of yet, and the trailer (below) is more about the tone and mood ... Read More »

Labor Day (2013)

Labor Day follows a young Henry Wheeler, who is struggling to be the man of the house when an unexpected visitor comes calling. His mom is a recluse, but they take in a man who needs help only to find out he’s an escaped convict. This is why I don’t help people. I just assume everyone just escaped from prison ... Read More »