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2012 Movie Releases

Under the Skin (2014)

Under the Skin is about… oh. I don’t care about the plot. Scarlett Johansson is supposedly showing her BOOBS!!!! I’m going to buy EVERY limited edition multiple disc Blu-Ray and DVD, VHS, and poster I can find. Read More »

The Impossible (2012)

The Impossible is based on the true story of a family that lived through the massive 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand. The family, which consisted of a husband, wife and their three sons, were on vacation at Christmas when the tsunami hit. It threw them far apart, but they found the will to survive and came back to one another. ... Read More »

Baytown Outlaws (2012)

Baytown Outlaws is a grindhouse style film where a husband and wife break up, and the husband turns out to be a bad dude and holds onto the kid. The mom hires some local redneck badasses to kidnap her son and bring him to her. You know, THAT old story. Actually, I’m not sure if they’re husband and wife, or ... Read More »

Freeloaders (2012)

Freeloaders is a new comedy from the producers of Super Troopers and Beerfest, but it’s not directed by the same Broken Lizards guys. Nonetheless, it features their particular brand of humor and is about a bunch of degenerate a**holes (that’s the polite way of saying assholes I think). Said degenerates are freeloaders (HEY! That’s where the title comes from!) who ... Read More »

Crawlspace (2012)

Crawlspace is a horror film about a crawlspace. Well, it’s about a family that moves into a new house, and there’s an evil guy living in the crawlspace. See? This is why I don’t move. I found a comfy place underneath a bridge (I’m a troll, clearly), and I don’t leave. The government wants me out? I eat the government. ... Read More »

Quartet (2012)

Quartet is the first movie legendary actor Dustin Hoffman has ever directed. As such, it will no doubt be SHIT. Oh. Maybe not. It’s actually about a group of opera singers who live in a quaint old folk’s home for opera singers who find another chance at being great. They’re called back up to the big show. It’s sorta like ... Read More »

Evil Dead (2013) – Its an Evil Dead Remake

The Evil Dead is an upcoming remake of the original Evil Dead, which is a classic directed by Sam Raimi about evil spirits possessing some teenagers when they go out for a weekend in a cabin in the woods.¬†There aren’t a ton of details at present about the remake, although it’s said to center on a brother and sister who ... Read More »

Save the Date (2012)

Save the Date is a romantic comedy that tries to be as realistic as possible while also being entertaining. The story follows two sisters, one of whom is getting married and is completely bonkers about her wedding, the other recently turned down a foolish proposal by her musician boyfriend who proposes in front of a huge venue of people. Sarah ... Read More »

That’s What She Said (2012)

That’s What She Said is a comedy about being a woman in modern day New York City. The story revolves around three friends who all do their best to be good ladies, have fun and get by. Bebe is the main character, and she’s best friends with Dee Dee. Bebe is about to have a little more romance in her ... Read More »

Smashed (2012)

Smashed is an indie drama getting rave reviews for the lead performances, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul, who portray a young couple who over drink and try to cut back on their alcohol consumption. This young couple is married, and they have built much of their loving relationship on their love of drinking. The wife starts to ... Read More »

A Late Quartet (2012)

A Late Quartet is a new drama about a very successful string quartet where the cellist is diagnosed with cancer, upending the dynamics of the group. Who will lead? Who will follow? The various members of the group all have egos and think they should be in charge, but there can be only one. Then they take out swords and ... Read More »

The First Time (2012)

The First Time is a romantic comedy for teenagers and college-aged guys and gals (and anyone with a heart that’s capable of love) about a boy, a girl and their respective relationships. And having sex for the first time. Dave has had a thing for Jane for a long time, but she’s always treated him as more of a friend ... Read More »