Cat Run (2011)


This cinema preview is of Cat Run, starring Paz Vega as a high end escort who holds the key to a scandalous government cover-up, and the two moronic detectives who are charged with protecting her.

When Catarina is doing her job (meaning escorting) one of her fellow ho’s is killed, and she steals the hard drive from the security system. Little does she know that the rich dudes she was… working for are politically connected, and so she’s on the run. Assassin’s are brought in to take her down, and the two detectives who are protecting her are not with the police. They’re private investigators. Dicks. PIs. So they bumble their way through the case, and hilarity will obviously ensue.

Cat Run

Cat Run is the latest film from Cougar from Top Gun. Apparently he’s a director now. His other films include Into the Blue, Blue Crush, Turistas, and Crazy/Beautiful. Nick Ball and John Niven are the writers, with Cat Run being their first feature film. So will it be the launch of an incredibly successful career, or will their fledgling career be over as soon as it starts? Dun duh duh. Probably the later, based on the trailer.

Cat Run Trailer

Movie Release Date

April 1, 2011. Meaning I’ll probably end up seeing this because there’s no way I’m seeing the turd fest that is Source Code.


Who’s In It?

 Christopher McDonald … Krebb
  Paz Vega … Catarina
  Tony Curran … Sean Moody
  Scott Mechlowicz … Anthony
  Karel Roden … Daniel Carver
  Janet McTeer … Helen Bingham
  Michelle Lombardo … Stephanie
  D.L. Hughley … Dexter
  Alphonso McAuley … Julian
  Branko Djuric … Hamilton

What’s Good About It?

Paz Vega has been haunting my dreams since Spanglish. That film was crap, and yet she still haunts me. I love that spicy latina flavor. I put churro juice in my coffee.

Churros have juice, right?

What’s Bad About It?

The trailer looks relatively bland, and the story doesn’t sound interesting either. Oh, and DL Hughley is in this.

Our Clever Prediction

I predict this film won’t be all that and a bag of chips. Just a guess, but since Paz is playing a prostitute, there’s some chance of nakedness. I’m loving that possibility.

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