Casino Jack


Casino Jack tells the story of Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist in DC who (shockingly) may not have been terribly honest.

I won’t spoil the story for those of you who don’t have a television or read newspapers or overhear people in coffee shops or talk to other people or are retarded (sorry, I mean Canadian), but Jack Abramoff stole lots of money and he was bad.


The Scoop

Casino Jack is definitely an Oscar bait performance by Kevin Spacey. The political drama will no doubt be a combination of funny and interesting, although the trailer looks a bit over the top. Jon Lovitz?

Anyways, the director is George Hickenlooper, who last directed Factory Girl, which was soooo good that no one saw it and Sienna Miller’s career hasn’t been the same since.

So it was good.

Who’s It For?

Probably R. By probably, I mean definitely.


Movie Release Date

Limited release on December 1, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Kevin Spacey … Jack Abramoff
Kelly Preston … Pam Abramoff
Barry Pepper … Michael Scanlon
Rachelle Lefevre … Emily
Jon Lovitz … Adam Kidan
Eric Schweig … Chief Poncho

Interesting Fact

I’m actually going to keep the previous preview’s (say it five times fast) interesting fact because it makes no sense to me:

Kevin Spacy has adpoted new hairstyle for this movie which you have never seen before.

Look at the trailer. THAT’S ALWAYS HOW HIS HAIR LOOKS.

Related Movies

You don’t know Jack (for name it title and based on a true story), something with Sean Penn, Syriana.

What’s Good About It?

Kevin Spacey can be great when he has a lot of fun with a role.

What’s Bad About It?

Based on a true story. Ugh. I’d rather it be based on a made up story with a pony.

Our Clever Prediction

Limited release means it needs Oscar love to make any waves at the box office. I’m guessing that the film will only get nominated for Spacey’s performance, if at all. Even still, I expect a low box office.