Casino Jack Updates Galore!


So yeah, our old preview was pretty limited. Fortunately, a whole bunch of new stuff is available, and I’m giving it to you. Because I care.

Note: I do not care.

So what’s the Deal?

Let’s see. Just to go through and review everything I’ve updated here. Plot. Check. Cast. Check. Trailer. Check. Pictures. Check. The Scoop. Check. What’s good and bad. Check. Prediction. Check.

Check out the trailer and pics below, but for all the deets (that’s short for details, which, now that I think about how much I’m writing to explain that makes it seem like a waste) check out our full preview here.

Actually, I’m going to rewrite that. For all the details check out our full preview here.

So much better.

Pics, Baby!

Casino Jack Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for Casino Jack here.

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