Cash (2010)


Sean Bean stars as a man searching for his lost pile of money. When he discovers the people who found it, have spent most of it, he devises a plan for the couple to get his money back.

The Scoop

Pyke Kubic meets up with two ‘good guys’, Sam and Leslie Phelan, to recover what is unlawfully his, bringing them on his whirlwind ride, doing things they never would have imagined, just to survive.

After finding a pile of money, that doesn’t belong to them, Sam and Leslie go on a spending spree. Shortly after, Pyke Kubic shows up at their door demanding it back. When Pyke discovers most of the money is gone, he has a plan for them to get his money back.

Sam and Leslie are forced to rob, and steal, to recover the remaining money. Along the way, they discover a love for the way of life, the danger.. and Pyke.

Cash Release Date

Cash hits theaters April 9th 2010

Who’s In Cash?

Sean Bean … Pyke Kubic
Chris Hemsworth … Sam Phelan
Victoria Profeta … Leslie Phelan
Mike Starr … Melvin Goldberg
Glenn Plummer … Glen the Plumber
Michael Mantell … Mr. Dale
Antony Thekkek … Bahadurjit Tejeenderpeet Singh
Tim Kazurinsky … Chunky Chicken Salesman

The Good

Sean Bean always plays a great villain.

The Bad

Losing your chick to the bully

Our Clever Prediction

A rather limited release and almost zero promotion will hurt the Ca$h movie.

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