An honest Judge, with marriage problems, volunteers for a job, in a corrupt area , the previous holder of this job having been assasinated along with his Escort. The new Judge, and his Escort attempt to discover whose palms were greased to allow a local ‘Water Monopoly’ to develop, while avoiding assaination attempts.

Release Date

2010 (USA)


Mike Sharpe

Interesting Fact

The movie is based on true events and a remake of an italian movie ” La Scorta”

Sean Penn was cast in the lead role but backed out to spend time with his family.

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La Scorta (1993)

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The Good

The story looks good and the italian movie La Scorta was a great success so we can expect the same from the English version “Cartel”

The Bad

Sean Penn was well suited for the role but he backed out of the movie. Now Director should carefully select the cast in order to make the movie successful.

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