Cars 2 update and pictures


One of the most requested movies on this site is Cars 2, so I thought I would give some updates to the upcoming 2011 sequel. Are you pumped for the new Cars movie? I was hoping they would do another Incredibles first.

Cars 2

Check out the Cars 2 Trailer and more Cars 2 News that we are covering, and our full coverage.

In the Cars sequel, Lightning McQueen teams up with his best friend Mater for an international adventure as they go up against the world’s fastest cars. I’m guessing its sort of a rip on The Cannonball Run, like the original Cars movie ripped off Doc Hollywood. I’m not taking it too seriously, its for kids, so they won’t know the difference.

Cars 2

Some new images are out, the concept art and design is wicked as always. Pixar does an amazing job.

Cars 2 Cars 2 Picture cars-2-poster cars2-firstconceptart cars2-firstconceptart-2

New Characters in Cars 2

Here are some of the new characters/cars you will meet in the new Cars2 movie :

Finn McMissile [a stylized Aston Martin DB5]
Chick Hicks
Holley Shiftwell
Professor Zundapp

So are you excited to see this new Cars 2, or is it something you’re excited to see with your family?


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