Cars 2 Trailer


So as Cars 2 gets closer, so does another trailer. This new HD Trailer sort of brings a little bit of hope back, but I’m still not really pumped on the return of Lightning and the gang.

Cars 2

So there you have it. The new Cars Movie arrives June 24th , 2011 and you can check out our full Cars preview if you have time. Lots of new images and videos over there too. Cars 2 is still a Pixar film, even though Disney bought the studios a few years ago. The animations look great as always, but sometimes Disney has a way of polluting great stories with their own touches.

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  1. Don’t be a hater! This movie will deliever for sure! I live to watch the new Mater shorts that come out. We never get tired of him and Owen Wilson is the perfect straight man for him. The story is all the way on the other side of the world! it will be fresh and I love that they are pulling from the success of Tokyo Drift! What fun! There are NEVER enough kids movies as a mom of a 9yr old boy I promise; TV reruns of Sponge Bob and the crap Cartoon Network and Nick put out there is boring! You need to remember who the movie is for and try to watch it like you were 9 yrs old again! It will be funny and we get to meet lots of new cars!

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