Carnage (2011)


Carnage is the story of two couples who decide to have a nice sit down after their kids are involved in a schoolyard brawl. Then, based on the trailer, they yell and swear at each other and their marriages implode.

So, overall it’s a good time for all!

I think the two couples are really different from one another, with one set being tough jerks (these being the parents of the bully), and the other parents being touchy-feely. All I know is that the trailer looks like the worst film I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen other John C. Reilly films.

Yeah. I said it. And that INCLUDES Step Brothers.


Surprisingly, there’s very little child rape in this.

I say ‘surprisingly’ because Roman Polanski directed the film. The film is based on a play by Yasmina Reza.

Carnage Trailer

Carnage Release Date

December 16, 2011.


Who’s In It?

Kate Winslet … Nancy
  Jodie Foster … Penelope
  John C. Reilly … Michael
  Christoph Waltz … Alan

What’s Good About It?

Great cast, and it’s about people fighting.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s very obviously based on a play. Watch the trailer, it’s four people sitting in a room talking. Plus, it’s about parents being weinies. Yawn.

Wake me up when Roman Polanski pays for his crimes. Hell, even Canadians know he’s a dirtbag.

Yeah. I said something nice about Canadians. They can recognize the evil of raping a child.

Our Clever Prediction

I hope it bombs. I expect it will, but there is a chance that any of the main actors could get award love for the film, and Hollywood falls all over themselves to put Polanski on a pedestal. Even though he raped a little girl.

And don’t comment on that. I’m right.


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