Boardwalk Empire – Your Thoughts?


Alright, with all the shit we took on trashing ‘Devil‘ its time to addrss our readers. Did you like Boardwalk Empire?

The reason I’m asking, is because the variety in readership here is huge. I can’t relate to M Night fans, but I think Boardwalk Empire is a good series to see where our taste is sat.

I liked this new HBO series, matter of fact I’m hooked after only one episode. I didn’t find The Pacific that great, there wasn’t a big attachment to the characters through the entire mini-series, but this time around HBO seems to have gotten it right.

Steve Buscemi is an odd choice for the lead role of gangsta Nucky Thompson however, but he still manages the role nicely. Being introduced to Al Capone and the notorious gangsters of the era is cool, and this is a refreshing take on prohibition.

So, I want to know what you thought of Boardwalk Empire. Yah, or Nay?

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