Blue Valentine


Blue Valentine tells the story of a couple whose marriage is disintegrating before them. The couple go to a hotel to try to revive the strong love they once shared, and the film shows how their love slowly faded over time through the use of flashbacks.

Nothing better to use in a film than flashbacks. Is it me, or does this seems like another 500 Days of Summer?

I think they should go all Lost on our asses and do flash sideways and flash forwards. You know who really hates flashbacks? The Flash. He’s all like, “What is my back in the past? Why does my back always ruin movies?”

The Flash is kind of a moron.


The Scoop

Derek Cianfrance is directing, and like our last preview mentioned, he doesn’t have a large body of work. One thing to add though is that he looks like a bald version of Ryan Gosling.

It’s weird, right?

Who’s It For?

Check it out. NC-17. I am not kidding. Ryan Gosling is hardcore.

Movie Release Date

December 31, 2010. (limited)
Full release in 2011, likely in January or February.

Who’s In It?

Ryan Gosling … Dean
Michelle Williams … Cindy
Mike Vogel … Bobby
John Doman … Jerry Heller
Ben Shenkman … Sam Feinberg

Interesting Fact

The film was originally set to shoot in spring of 2008, but was delayed due to Heath Ledger’s death. The producers and director delayed the film out of respect for Michelle Williams, rather than going ahead and shooting the film with another actress in Michelle’s role.

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What’s Good About It?

Personally, I find nothing funnier than seeing Michelle Williams sad. It’s why Heath Ledger’s death was such a mixed blessing for me.

Wait. Is it? Yep. That is officially the worst thing I’ve ever said. Do I win a prize? I bet I get called a prick on this one.

Just to ensure my place in history, I’m also going to go dressed as Heath Ledger to the film. Meaning I’ll be dressed as the only good type of Australian. A dead one.

What’s Bad About It?

I worry about the director’s limited experience. He may not have the chops to make a character driven film like Blue Valentine. You know what would be awesome? If Ryan Gosling left Michelle Williams for Rachel McAdams. Cause of The Notebook. We all know they should be together. Then Williams can drink herself to death in a cemetary.

With the corpse of Heath Ledger!

Our Clever Prediction

If Blue Valentine doesn’t get a few Oscar nominations, it’ll tank hard. I doubt the film will get any love for best film, directing, or screenplay, but it’s possible they’ll give a nom to Gosling or Williams.