Beyond the Lights (2014) – A Rising Singer Falls in Love with a Cop

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Beyond the Lights is a music romance film about a young talented artist – supposedly based on Rihanna – who isn’t enjoying her rise to fame. At least, not until she meets a handsome cop.

Noni Jean has a great voice and is quite beautiful. She has a great career ahead of her if she makes the right moves, but only if she follows the advice of those who would exploit her talents. She’s extremely unhappy as the kind of artist her mom and others want her to be. So much so that she nearly throws herself off the balcony of her hotel room. She’s saved by an up and coming police officer, who ‘sees’ her and believes in her or some such nonsense. Anyways, the two start a fast and beautiful romance, with many ups and downs. The cop fella is named Kaz, and is a rising politician as well as police officer. Both his parents and hers want them to give up the romance and focus on their careers, but it’s one another’s influences that will guide them to the decisions that will ultimately define who they should become. Her, an artist of her own making, and him… probably her boyfriend. Not sure.

Beyond the Lights

Beyond the Lights comes from writer/director Gina Prince-Bythewood. She is likely best known for her work on The Secret Life of Bees and Love & Basketball. She also directed an episode of The Bernie Mac Show, which was funny as shit, so I like her.


Beyond the Lights Trailer

Beyond the Lights Release Date

November 14, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Nate Parker
Danny Glover
Minnie Driver
Aisha Hinds . . . J Stanley

What’s Good About It?

Beyond the Lights has Gugu Mbatha-Raw in it, and that is always a good thing. She isn’t a big name yet, but she’s hotter than hell, and I base all of my opinions on actresses on their looks. So she’s one of the best actresses EVER. Actually, I think she’s a pretty decent actress too, but she is certainly hot.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m not in love with the concept behind this film. I get that there are a ton of music fans out there, I’m one of them, and I like stories about artists, but it’s hard to feel bad for someone who’s going to make millions of dollars for dancing around on stage. Yeah, it might not be the most fulfilling life for them, but HOLY SHIT PEOPLE DEAL WITH WORSE SHIT, DEAL WITH IT.

Our Clever Prediction

Beyond the Lights has a decent enough chance at success, but I think it’ll struggle to find an audience. The trailer doesn’t look very good, and the story just doesn’t seem like it’ll appeal to very many people. I’m only going to watch it for Gugu.