Behind the Candelabra (2013)

behind the candelabra

Behind the Candelabra tells the story of Liberace, the legendary pianist and performer. It deals with the time of his life when he was in a relationship with Scott Thorson, his younger lover.

It’s an HBO movie, so it’ll garner Emmy’s rather than Oscars, but the cast is outstanding, and it’s probably mostly based on a true story, as it’s from Liberace’s autobiography.

Behind the Candelabra

Behind the Candelabra comes from superstar director Steven Soderbergh, who has a ton of amazing films to his credit, including the Ocean’s 11 films, Traffic and more. He’s a unique fellow, but last summer’s Magic Mike proved he can make commercially viable films too.

The screenplay comes from writer Richard LaGravenese, who wrote PS I Love You, which was gayer than this.


Behind the Candelabra Trailer

Behind the Candelabra Release Date

May 26, 2013.

Who’s In It?

 Matt Damon … Scott Thorson
  Michael Douglas … Liberace
  Rob Lowe
  Dan Aykroyd … Seymour Heller
  Boyd Holbrook
  Debbie Reynolds … Frances
  Caroline Jaden Stussi … Startz Surgeon
  Scott Bakula … Bob Black
  Max Napolitano … Bar Patron
  Paul Reiser … Mr. Felder
  Kiff VandenHeuvel … Wayne
  Nicky Katt … Mr. Y
  Cheyenne Jackson … Billy Leatherwood
  Eddie Jemison … Second Assistant Director
  Tom Papa … Ray Arnett
  Deborah Lacey … Gladys
  Bruce Ramsay … Carlucci
  Thure Riefenstein … Maitre d’
  Lenny Jacobson … Stage Manager
  Mike Jerome Putnam … On air news reporter
  Kc Monnie … Young American Dancer
  Eric Zuckerman … Schumacher
  Krystal Ellsworth … Impossible Dream Dancer
  Nellie Sciutto … Reporter

What’s Good About It?

Behind the Candelabra looks like it’ll make quite the splash when it’s released this may. The cast is outstanding, the director doesn’t miss much, and it just looks like a top flight film in every way. It’s really surprising this is an HBO film, and not a theatrical release.

What’s Bad About It?

I’ve got nothing.

Our Clever Prediction

Behind the Candelabra will probably have pretty solid ratings and garner a few Emmy’s, especially for Soderbergh, Damon and Douglas.