Beautiful Boy (2011)


Beautiful Boy is the story of a school shooting, but from the point of view of the parents of the shooter. Snap. I bet he went all Matrix on the cool kids thinking that would get Morpheus’ attention. Guess what? It did. And Morpheus is soooo pissed.

Bill and Kate Carroll are the parents of little prick Sam Carroll, who is in college. One day the parents see a school shooting on the news and the police show up to tell them that their son is not only dead, but also the shooter. The parents have to deal with the aftermath of what their son has done, both with the press and their own feelings of failure and what they might’ve done that caused all of this. And they should feel bad. They raised a monster. I blame my parents for everything, why not blame these parents? Huh?

Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy is the feature debut for writer/director Shawn Ku. Does that last name make it seem like he’s a surfer to anyone else? Anyways, Ku has otherwise only worked on short films and a TV movie called American Mall, which was like High School Musical, only less successful.

Beautiful Boy Trailer

Movie Release Date

May 20, 2011. Limited release.


Who’s In It?

 Michael Sheen … Bill Carroll
  Maria Bello … Kate Carroll
  Alan Tudyk
  Moon Bloodgood … Trish
  Kyle Gallner … Sam Carroll
  Meat Loaf … Motel manager
  Darren O’Hare … Church Pastor
  Deidrie Henry … Bonnie

What’s Good About It?

Meat Loaf is in the film. Also, school shootings are sooooo topical these days.

What’s Bad About It?

Beautiful Boy seems a bit overwrought for my tastes, and I have amazing taste. Like, right now I can taste your soul. Tastes bad. BAD.

Our Clever Prediction

Limited release of a film that really would only do well if there’s a school shooting the week of the film’s release means that it won’t make much money, although it does come out in May, which is when there’s a lot of pressure on kids to do well in school.