Bazooka Joe (2011)


The greatest film to ever be based on a character from inside your bubblegum wrapper. Not much about the film is known at this point, although the plot is said to follow the character rather than the stories from the gum comics. (gumics?)

Who’s It For?

More than likely they’ll go for a G or PG rating, but if it goes hard R, I’m seeing it twice.

Movie Release Date

Not known, but it’ll be sooner if you buy some more gum.

Who’s In It?

I think the only man who can pull off a character as mighty as Bazooka Joe is Daniel Day Lewis. It could be a spin-off of The Last of the Mohicans!

Related Movies

A related film would indicate that there is any peer to such a film. There are none. This film is in a class of its own.

What’s Good About It?

Since it only has the character to tie it to the name and no plot, it might end up okay. A decent story could make it a fun kid’s movie. If pixar was making it, Bazooka Joe would win an Oscar.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s a film based on a character designed to sell bubblegum to my parents when they were children. And they probably thought it was stupid.

Our Clever Prediction

Every internet review will begin with, “It Blows!” Like the gum, get it? And while we’re making films about gum, where’s the doublemint movie starring the Olsen twins? Wait, was there an Olsen twins movie that had doublemint in the title? Sounds like something they’d do…

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