Battle Angel (2011)


Film version of the manga Gunnm, which when released in America was called Battle Angel Alita. The story takes place a few hundred years in the future where being a cyborg is the norm. A young girl name Alita is found by a scientist who becomes a father figure to her. Her mind is organic, but the rest of her body is cybernetic. Alita goes on to fight against the tyrants who control the future.

With James Cameron at the helm, you know there will be plenty of money thrown at the film, it’ll be in 3D, look awesome, and make a mountain of money. Make that two mountains.

Battle Angel Trailer

Nothing yet, will post the Battle Angel when it comes out in 2011

Who’s It For?

More than likely the film will be PG-13, but little is known at this point. Who saw Avatar? Everyone? Then it’s probably for everyone.

Movie Release Date

Seeing as Avatar 2 is on the way and will probably not come out till 2012, Battle Angel may not see the light of day for another four or five years.

Who’s In It?

No casting yet.

Related Movies

Think avatar combined with Terminator and Dark Angel.

What’s Good About It?

It’s a James Cameron Sci-fi epic. Between Aliens, Terminator, T2, and Avatar, he should have a pretty good grasp of the idea by now.

What’s Bad About It?

It may never see the light of day since Cameron’s busy with Avatar 2, and he likes to take his time between films.

Our Clever Prediction

The film will be more of a documentary than fiction, seeing as it is set in the 26th century, which I estimate to be the same time the film will be released. I can’t wait to be a Cyborg!!!!

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