Barney’s Version (2011)


Barney’s Version is a comedy about a man who goes through three marriages, has two kids, and is a person of interest in the disappearance of a close friend.

Based on the novel by Mordecai Richler, Barney’s Version is, as the name implies, the side of the story of a guy who cheated on his wives and may have killed a friend. Rather than portray him as a monster, the film seeks to show his motivations, and perhaps give some humanity to a man who, from an objective standpoint, might be a bit of a prick.

From the trailer, you can see Barney marries one woman because she is pregnant, and falls in love with another woman on the day of his second marriage. To be fair, Minnie Driver isn’t as pretty as she used to be. Although for 40, she ain’t half bad.


The Scoop

Director Richard Lewis (not the comedian who’s always on Curb Your Enthusiasm) doesn’t have a ton of theatrical experience, but he produced and directed a bunch of episodes of CSI. But with a novelist like Mordecai Richler, who cares? What an awesome name. I tip my hat sir. You are more awesome than me, and you are dead.

Who’s It For?

No rating yet, but likely R.

Movie Release Date

January 14, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Dustin Hoffman … Izzy
Rosamund Pike … Miriam
Minnie Driver … Mrs. P
Paul Giamatti … Barney Panofsky
Scott Speedman … Boogie
Bruce Greenwood … Blair
Rachelle Lefevre … Clara

Interesting Fact

Star Rachelle Lefevre lost her role of Victoria in the third Twilight film because of a scheduling conflict with Barney’s Version. She had played Victoria in the first two Twilight films, but Bryce Dallas Howard took over for Eclipse.

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What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks funny, and I trust Paul Giamatti, so I’m really hopeful for Barney’s Version.

What’s Bad About It?

My only concern is director Richard Lewis. CSI is nothing like Barney’s Version (unless I totally misunderstood the trailer) and I worry he may not have the chops. CHOPS I SAY!

Our Clever Prediction

It’s Paul Giamatti. The film did get a limited release in September in case of Oscar coming to call, so there’s a lot of potential. I liked Sideways, and this seems to combine the serious and comedic tones in a similar fashion. Fingers… crossed.


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