Bad Teacher (2011)


Bad Teacher is the story of a gold digging teacher who is dumped by her rich boyfriend and decides to focus her attention on a fellow teacher, which puts her at odds with the school’s model teacher.

Essentially, there are a number of gold digging whores in this film. After being dumped, the primary gold digger goes after a substitute teacher who just happens to be the heir to a watch company’s fortune. Unfortunately for her, the school’s ‘perfect’ and much loved teacher is already being pursued (or dating, details are scarce) and she is ultimately shown in a bad light.


Bad Teacher PIcs

The Scoop

Bad Teacher is being directed by Jake Kasdan, whose name you should all know and love after his last film, which is comedic gold BTW, Walk Hard: The Story of Dewey Cox. Comedic GOLD. Especially all the parts with man junk on screen. Funny. To be fair, about half way through the film I went for a megashit and missed about 15 minutes. I’m told I missed little.

Comedic gold.

Anyways, Bad Teacher was written by the writing team of Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who last wrote Year One, more comedic gold, and they’ve written a draft of the possible next Ghostbusters film.

Man, it’s like the filmmakers WANT me to hate this film. Who’d they cast in this?

Cameron Diaz.


Who’s It For?

Probably PG-13, although I could see it going R.

Movie Release Date

April 1, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Cameron Diaz … Elizabeth Halsey
Jason Segel
Lucy Punch … Amy Squirrel
Justin Timberlake
Thomas Lennon … Carl Halabi

Interesting Fact

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake used to date, but now that they’re no longer together, she has to pursue him in a movie!

Wait, it said ‘Interesting.’ Uhhh… Sorry, just a minute. I have a quiche in the oven.

Related Movies

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Year One, What Happens in Vegas

What’s Good About It?

The best thing I can come up with is that I originally thought it was a sequel to Bad Santa.

What’s Bad About It?

I’ll just bullet point this one:




That’s essentially the whole film.

Our Clever Prediction

I predict a huge number of reviews will start their review with, “Bad Teacher? More like bad movie.” Cause they are oh so clever.

But I said it FIRST. AAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA. (spoken diabolically)

I doubt the film will do very well, as Diaz’s drawing power is essentially nothing these days. She used to be cute. When she was still in her 30’s.

Oh SNAP. Nuh-uh. Oh no he didnt. Ooooooo. She gonna gets you, boyeee.

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