Bad Country (formerly Whiskey Bay) (2014) – Movie Preview

bad country

Bad Country is not, based on the name, a film about horrible country music, but rather a hard boiled crime film about a detective trying to take down the Aryan brotherhood in Louisiana back in 1983.

The detective is Willem Dafoe, and he wants to take down the Aryans in his hometown since they’re killers and all around bad dudes. So when he catches a contract killer who worked for the Aryans he gets the fella to turn states evidence and snitch on his racist old employers. The killer is facing life in jail and his family will be ruined, so he decides to talk. The main thing he brings up is a hit list of people the Aryans want dead, and one of the names on the list is Willem Dafoe’s detective. Dun dun duh. Scary. And thus begins a harrowing ride through hell.

Or Louisiana. Same dif.

Bad Country

Bad Country was written by Jonathan Hirschbein, and directed by Chris Brinker. The sad thing about the production is that Brinker, who was a producer on The Boondock Saints, actually died during post production from an aortic aneurysm, and left his first film as a director unfinished. First and last, and he never got to see the final product. Pretty sad. Hopefully it’ll prove to be a great film and will garner him some posthumous praise.


Bad Country Trailer

Bad Country Release Date

TBA 2014 – Probably straight to On Demand/DVD

Who’s In It?

Willem Dafoe… Detective Bud Carter
Neal McDonough… Kiersey
Amy Smart… Lynn Weiland
Matt Dillon… Jesse Weiland

What’s Good About It?

The trailer for Bad Country looks pretty decent, and I like the cast. Pretty much everyone here is capable of turning out a great performance, but also cheesy, crap performances.

What’s Bad About It?

Eh… Matt Dillon.

Our Clever Prediction

Well, since it’s going straight to DVD and On Demand, I doubt it’ll get much love and make much money, but it might be a moderate success since it doesn’t look like it cost all that much money to make. I hope so at least.