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Lipstick Jungle

This sleek dramedy revolves around a Manhattan trio of alpha females who forge tight friendships while trying to balance their personal and professional lives. Fashion magazine editor Nico has her eye on her boss’s job as the company CEO while feeling guilty about her affair with younger photographer Kirby; movie executive Wendy feels conflicted that her job prevents quality family ... Read More »

lincoln heights

Eddie Sutton is a dedicated Southern California police officer who lives with his family in a suburban apartment complex. When the department offers him the chance to own the run-down crack house he just raided, Eddie jumps at it . However, wife Jenn and teenage kids Cassie, Tay and Lizzie are less than thrilled. The area is filled with danger, ... Read More »

Famous Hollywood Directors

Hollywood directors, old and new. I’ve included a tiny intro to each director where possible, so you can view what prominent movies they are known for. The list is a directory of my favorite Directors, and isn’t supposed to be a defining list of any sort. Wherever possible I have tried to give you the most recent information for each ... Read More »

American Gothic

The rural community of Trinity, SC may look safe and inviting, but behind closed doors lurk unknown dangers. The series surrounded teh main character Sheriff Lucas Buck ,a murderous rapist who is armed withsupernatural powers. Read More »

All In The Family

A humorous look at the generation gap that existed between the conventional family and the ’60s flower children. All In The Family was very edgy, with many racial undertones that would never exist in today’s TV world. The series was based around Archie Bunker, and his often racist/anti-female attitude that he was confronted with. Bunker would often be faced with ... Read More »

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is the reversal of The Bachelor, in which a group of men now compete for the love of one single woman. The spin-off began in 2003, and has been as successful as its counterpart. A single woman looks for Mr. Right among 25 hunky men. Original `Bachelor’ runner-up Trista Rehn was the first bachelorette. Official Site ABC You ... Read More »

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is a hugely successful tv series based on a novel idea. A collection of women are gathered in a house, with one man, and they all compete for his love through a variety of tasks. The Bachelor first hit the air in 2002, and has since been one of the highest rated shows on ABC since. The Bachelor ... Read More »

America’s Funniest Videos

ABC’s long running weekly show, where people send in their funny home videos and they get voted on to win cash. The show originally was hosted by Bob Saget and currently led by Tom Bergeron. The show was an originator in viral videos and had a long running at number one. Recently the show has fallen on hard times with ... Read More »

According To Jim

Jim is an often confused, dopey, abrasive but still lovable father. The show is based around Jim’s life and the chaos that surrounds it. Jim’s character is as a fan of the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Blackhawks. Jim & Cheryl, also raise five children – Ruby, Gracie, Kyle, Jonathan and Gordon. Jim often finds himself ... Read More »

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 8)

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama about surgical interns, residents and their mentors set in a fictional hospital called Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Read More »

21 Jump Street

A squad of police officers specialize in youth-related investigations, often using their youthful looks to go undercover as high school or college students. 21 Jump Street ran from 1987-1991 and was the first big tv show to be filmed in Vancouver, BC Canada. The series launched the career of Johnny Depp, and even made a household name of Richard Greico, ... Read More »

We’ve Changed

We have changed the site and are moving all the old .htm files to a new database driven site. If you can’t find anything, it will be up shortly. Read More »