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ghost hunters

A pair of plumbers moonlights as ghostbusters for clients who claim to be experiencing paranormal phenomena. Read More »

general hospital

The wealthy Quartermaine family contines to be a looming presence in the town of Port Charles, with interests in much of the city’s business. Characters come and go, but viewers can always count on at least one Quartermaine or Spencer to create havoc. Read More »

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Onstage, the KISS frontman may be a study in hedonism and excess. Offstage, he’s happily unmarried to his longtime partner, former Playboy centerfold Shannon Tweed, with whom he has two smart and improbably well-adjusted children, Nick and Sophie. Find out how this nontraditional, traditional American family makes it all work under the strangest of circumstances. Read More »

good eats

Equal parts smart and sardonic, creator and host Alton Brown uses a combination of classroom methods and wacky comedy sketches to explain not just how to whip up an excellent dish, but also why the ingredients interact as they do when you put them all together. Read More »

Good Morning America

Co-anchors report the morning’s top headlines from a set in Times Square. The show features a combination of breaking news, interviews, indepth reporting and weather. The program covers important issues with key figures from around the world and a wide spectrum of topics, including medicine, finance, consumer issues, computer technology, education and gardening. Read More »

The Goode Family

“King of the Hill” creator Mike Judge dreamed up this new animated comedy series about a clan whose members are obsessed with doing the right thing, although their efforts usually produce unintentionally comic results. Read More »

Harper’s Island

Seven years after a series of murders claimed the lives of her mother and five others, Abby Mills returns to her hometown of Harper’s Island to attend the wedding of her best friend, heiress Trish Willington, to boy-next-door Henry Dunn. There’s no happily ever after, though, as a serial killer begins picking off family members and friends one by one ... Read More »

hannah montana

Although she appears to be just a typical teenager to most of her classmates and teachers, Miley Stewart lives a double life, transforming herself into famous pop singer Hannah Montana at night. Her secret identity is known only to her family and closest friends. Read More »

Guy’s Big Bite

Hosted by second-season winner of “Next Food Network Star” Guy Fieri, “Guy’s Big Bite” is about lots of flavor! Bloody Mary steaks, Sangria shrimp and cedar-grilled salmon are some of his favorites. Guy shares his fearless attitude toward cooking and life with recipes that reflect his diverse tastes. Read More »

guy off the hook

High-energy host Guy Fieri prepares some of his favorite recipes before a live studio audience. Read More »

eleventh hour

Biophysicist Jacob Hood, a special science advisor to the U.S. government, serves as a last line of defense in protecting those who would misuse scientific breakthroughs for their own nefarious gain. Read More »

greys anatomy

A drama that focuses on Meredith Grey, who’s part of a group of young doctors at a hospital in Seattle. The daughter of a famous surgeon, Meredith struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues. Read More »


Think of this drama series as a kinder, gentler “Revenge of the Nerds.” It centers around a college freshman, Rusty, who’s determined to shed his high-school geekiness and become a frat boy. Unfortunately, his older sister, Casey, is a sorority queen who isn’t thrilled about having her kid brother in her Greek system. Rusty’s roommate and fellow nerd, Dale, wants ... Read More »

greatest american dog

Proud pet owners and their pooches — some “pageant pups,” others more mundane mutts stimply trained at home — live together and compete in a variety of games and challenges. The winning team fetches a $250,000 cash prize. Read More »

gossip girl

At an exclusive prep school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, students addictively follow text-messaged scoops on scandals and heartache among their peers as reported by Gossip Girl, a shadowy presence whose identity is known to no one. Gossip Girl’s dispatches kick into high gear as Serena van der Woodsen ends her self-imposed boarding school exile and returns to Manhattan, surprising ... Read More »