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Tebaatusasula (2011)

You knew it would happen, a time when a movie would look even more promising than than Avatar. A trailer.. so powerful and stunning you can’t wait to promote it. Tebaatusasula is this movie, I’ve never seen anything like it. Read More »

Safe House (2012)

Safe House is an action flick coming in 2012 starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. I’m really going to try hard not to bash this movie based on the early information, I really am. Quick, turn up your BS detectors…. Read More »

J. Edgar (2011)

This dramatic movie is a biopic on good old J. Edgar Hoover, and his silly little antics that brought shame upon Hoover, and the American public. I could insert a George Bush joke here as well, but I’ll skip it. Read More »

This New I Am Number Four Trailer is confusing

I don’t know what to think of this new I Am Number Four trailer. The film reminds me so much of Twilight, its amazing. Insert an alien for a vampire, and we have Michael Bay’s newest ‘epic’ movie. On the other hand, Teresa Palmer is so hot, how could I not check out pieces of this film? Read More »

Take Me Home Tonight (2011 Movie)

Take Me Home Tonight looks pretty promising, because I remember my life in the late 80’s, and it resembled a lot of this film. Approaching graduation, I often made up my job title, if only to impress the girl who’s hair most resembled Cindi Lauper or Madonna. Read More »

An update for the new ‘Footloose’ remake

I’m not sure if you knew this, but there is a new ‘Footloose’ movie coming out later in 2011. I found out some new details for the Footloose 2011 film, so here we go… Read More »

Fast Five Update with pictures

Just wanted to push this out there to all the fans of the Fast & Furious movies. *crickets*. There are a bunch of new movie details for this 2011 movie that you’ll want to check out. Read More »

Mr. Popper’s Penguins Movie Preview and Trailer

Mr. Popper’s Penguins stars Jim Carrey, in this comedy coming late summer of 2011. The movie is based on the novel, and looks like what you’d expect from a Jim Carrey movie. Funny faces, ridiculous situations and a little ‘alllll righty then’ thrown in for good measure. Old Jim is really trying to recover for his recent string of terrible ... Read More »

Cars 2 update and pictures

One of the most requested movies on this site is Cars 2, so I thought I would give some updates to the upcoming 2011 sequel. Are you pumped for the new Cars movie? I was hoping they would do another Incredibles first. Read More »

The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers Movie, coming in 2012, is setting out to be the biggest, most expensive superhero movie ever made. Details are rolling out as shooting is about to being in early 2011.   The Avengers The plot is a little thin right now, but the upcoming Avengers Movie is showcasing all the superheros in one movie. Not all the superhero’s ... Read More »