ATM (2012)


ATM has got to be the funniest idea for a horror film I’ve ever seen. Three young adults go to an ATM one night. A killer shows up, and they have to stay in the ATM room or he’ll get them!

First, go down and watch the trailer. Tell me this isn’t as stupid as crap. I can barely wrap my head around how dumb this idea is. Seriously. I just laughed through the entire second half of the trailer.

Two guys and girl (not the show, that wasn’t too bad), go to an ATM late at night. Just as they’re about to leave, a man in a parka is seen standing outside it looking at them. They’re kinda weirded out by this, and are cautious for a moment. Oh, then some guy walks by with his dog, and the dude in a parka KILLS him. What?

So they’re scared. It essentially turns into Phone Booth, but with three people and an ATM booth. They don’t want to leave, because he’ll get them, but they’ll sit there while he tries to kill them, and just waits for them to leave.

This is stupid on a whole new level. I’m loving it.


Two Alice Eve movies in two days. I guess I just love her. Anyways, David Brooks is directing, and it is his first feature length film. Chris Sparling is the writer, and he wrote Buried, so he must have some idea of how to stretch a really stupid concept into an entire film. Yippee.

ATM Trailer

ATM Release Date

April 6, 2012.


Who’s In It?

 Alice Eve … Emily
  Josh Peck … Corey
  Brian Geraghty … David
  Aaron Hughes … Patrolman
  Will Woytowich … Sargent
  Steve Nagribianko … BGP
  Glen Thompson … Harold

What’s Good About It?

Come on. The only good thing is that Alice Eve is in it and she’s super pretty.

What’s Bad About It?

The concept of ATM is going to be ridiculed like crazy. It sounds HORRIBLE.

Our Clever Prediction

I predict a very low box office, unless people want to see ATM as a gag. It may fill an April hole for horror films though, and it looks like it cost $40 (not $40 Million, just $40) to make, so it might actually make money.