Army of Two (2011)


Army of Two is an adaptation of the popular video game series. Little is currently know of the film, only that it will probably follow the main characters of the games, Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios. And they’ll probably shoot a whole bunch of people, as a team, or army, of two. Sounds like a winning concept.

Army of Two Movie Trailer

Nothing yet.

Who’s It For?

More than likely the game will receive an ‘R’ rating, but it is still in the early stages of development.

Movie Release Date

No official release date, but since there is no script yet, the earliest the film could release is 2011, although 2012 or later is more likely.

What’s Good About It?

Like the game, Army of Two could provide a fun action experience without much story to slow it down. It’d be perfect for Stallone to direct.

What’s Bad About It?

Video Game adaptations have very rarely been very good, and the story of Army of Two was pretty weak by video game standards.

Our Clever Prediction

It’ll be worse than Double Dragon. Unless it also has Scott Wolf, in which case I will see it many times, and tell people I liked it, even though I probably won’t.

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  1. Once Production Begins For Army Of Two I Hope The Producers Consider Using Jared Padalecki As Elliot Salem And Glenn “Kane” Jacobs As Tyson Rios.

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