Another Earth (2011)


Another Earth tells the story of a tragic accident that occurs on the same night that another planet is found in our solar system. Like in Robocop!

Correction: I’ve just been informed that the plot is far closer to that of Robocop 2. My apologies. I sometimes mix the two up.

So Rhonda is a young MIT student on the day that the other earth is discovered. It’ll be interesting to see them explain the ‘discovery.’ Watch the trailer. It’s RIGHT FRICKING THERE!!!!!

And Rhonda looks out the window of her car at the new planet, which apparently is an exact double of our planet, with another version of each of us or something, and she doesn’t pay attention to the road and slams into another car with a family in it. The father in the family survives, but his wife and kid don’t. After some time in prison, Rhonda come back to see the man, and they fall in love or something.

But I guess she has a chance to go to the other earth. Humf.

Another Earth

Another Earth was co-written and directed by Mike Cahill, who has made some other stuff, but nothing I’ve heard of, so for all intensive purposes, this is his first film!

Oh, and the film won something at Sundance.

Another Earth Trailer

Another Earth Release Date

Limited Release on July 22, 2011.


Who’s In It?

William Mapother … John Burroughs
  Brit Marling … Rhoda Williams
  Jordan Baker … Kim Williams
  Flint Beverage … Robert Williams
  Robin Taylor … Jeff Williams

What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks good, if a bit too touchy feely. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the touchy feely stuff, but mainly in porno.


What’s Bad About It?

I realize they’ll just explain it away with some “It just APPEARED!” crap, but I want a real, Science fiction explanation for the other planet. I know it’s a symbol, blah blah blah. But if it’s possible there’s another ME out there right now, I want to know if his preview of Another Earth is better than mine! What if he has a monkey dancing on the screen somehow? I don’t even know how this magic box I type on makes coffee!

Laptops make coffee, right? The salesman didn’t sucker me?

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt that Another Earth will make much money, but it looks pretty good, and though I don’t see big money coming its way, it should help launch the careers of some of those involved. Makes me feel good.

In a touchy feely way.

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