Alpha and Omega 3D (2010)


A fun twist on the old nerd and hot chick fall in love, Alpha and Omega 3D take it a whole step farther by making them wolves! How awesome is that?

Answer: Not awesome. Well, it could have been awesome, but then they cast every pedophile’s favorite dwarf Hayden Panettiere as the girl. The two wolves are thrust into the wilderness of Idaho and forced to find their way back home together. And then have a wacky adventure along the way and fall in love!


The Scoop

Directors Anthony Bell and Ben Gluck have a fair amount of experience, although much of it is either television or not directing related. Gluck was the head of story for 9, which was a visually amazing film with a weak story. If only he was the head artist…

Who’s It For?

G, maybe PG.

Movie Release Date

September 17, 2010 Limited

Who’s In It?

Hayden Panettiere … Kate (voice)
Christina Ricci … Lilly (voice)
Justin Long … Humphrey (voice)
Dennis Hopper … Tony (voice)
Danny Glover … Winston (voice)
Christine Lakin … Reba (voice)
Chris Carmack … Garth (voice)

Interesting Fact

Alpha and Omega 3D is the last film of Dennis Hopper. Pop quiz, hot shot! Why’d you die? Seriously, I can’t decide if the bigger tragedy is him dieing, or that in his last film he had to play a supporting role to Hayden Panettiere.

Related Movies

9, Madagascar, A Rugrats’ Vacation

What’s Good About It?

It could be a cool twist on the old nerd/cheerleader love story…

What’s Bad About It?

But it probably won’t be. It’ll just serve to dull the senses so that you can’t defend yourself when the aliens arrive.

New Online Games

Lionsgate has launched two brand new games on the ALPHA AND OMEGA 3-D official website, “Goose Golf” and “Find a Way Back Home”.

Golf six holes with the Marcel the Goose and see if you make the top 15 score board! Then you can join Kate and Humphrey on their wild adventure and help them find their way back home to Jasper Park! Make sure to go to and click GAMES at the bottom of the site to play!

Also, don’t forget to follow their adventure on Facebook! “Like” the official Alpha and Omega page to get up-to-date news, fun facts, features and more!

Our Clever Prediction

All I can say, is thank goodness that it’s in 3D. I mean, why not rip people off for a few extra bucks?

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