Albert Nobbs (2011)


Albert Nobbs is about a woman who disguises herself as a man in order to live and work in society as she pleases. Then she falls in love with a hot young girl.

Man, this could be AWESOME.

Unfortunately, it won’t be. It will just be a really good period (not THAT kinda period, perv) drama that’ll get Glenn Close at least an Oscar nomination if not a win.

Albert (Close) is living in Ireland in the late 19th century, and poses as a man so she can get better work. After a time she wishes to escape from the lie she’s living, and that prove difficult. Cause of plot stuff.

Albert Nobbs

Rodrigo Garcia is directing a screenplay by John Banville and star Glenn Close.

Y’know, Glenn is a dude’s name too. Perhaps she’s really a he in real life, but is playing a she playing a he in a movie… Methinks a brilliant idea for a play has just been discovered… by THIS GUY (points to self. Dances)

Oh, and Albert Nobbs is based on a short story by George Moore. No relation to Mandy.

Albert NobbsTrailer

Albert Nobbs Release Date

January 27, 2012. Limited release before the end of the year for the Oscars.


Who’s In It?

 Mia Wasikowska … Helen
  Aaron Johnson … Joe
  Jonathan Rhys Meyers … Viscount Yarrell
  Glenn Close … Albert Nobbs
  Brendan Gleeson … Dr. Holloran
  Maria Doyle Kennedy
  Mark Williams … Sean
  Janet McTeer … Hubert
  Pauline Collins … Mrs. Baker
  Bronagh Gallagher
  John Light … Percy Smythe-Willard
  Brenda Fricker … Polly
  Antonia Campbell-Hughes … Emmy Keyes
  Annie Starke … Aileen
  Emerald Fennell … Mrs. Smythe-Willard

What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks good, and the premise (if you ignore the trailer) is sexy as hell. Oh, and the talent involved is all pretty darn good.

What’s Bad About It?

Probably not the fun sexy time I’m hoping for.

Our Clever Prediction

I see at least a handful of Oscar nominations in Albert Nobbs’ future, and not just because of the ‘Oscar Bait’ concept. The performances all look solid.


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