A Promise (2014) – Rebecca Hall & Richard Madden Find Love

a promise2

A Promise is a period piece about a young man shortly after WWI who becomes the protege of a fairly powerful official, only to fall in love with his wife.

The illicit couple pledge their love to one another, but are forced apart by duties, the war and the sexy, sexy sin they’re committing.

Friederich is the young man, and he is ambitious and smart. He wants to truly make something of himself, and he’s well on his way when he meets and begins to work for Karl Hoffmeister, who takes him in and helps him on his way in the business world. But Karl is an older, stiffer gentleman, and his wife Charlotte is young, hot and in need of the bone.

So Friederich bones her. The end.

A Promise

A Promise is based on the novel by Stefan Zweig. Director Patrice Leconte adapted the novel for the screen with cowriter Jerome Tonnerre. Patrice (it’s a dude, so it’s some French name or something) has a fair bit of experience, even having won a BAFTA at one point (British Academy Award, no one really cares where it matters: America).

So… yeah.


A Promise Trailer

A Promise Release Date

TBA 2014.

Who’s In It?

Rebecca Hall… Charlotte
Alan Rickman… Karl
Richard Madden… Friederich

What’s Good About It?

A Promise looks pretty… promising. I like Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman and Richard Madden has potential. His performance on Game of Thrones has been stellar, and while I don’t know that he can handle the big time just yet, you never know. He certainly has potential.

What’s Bad About It?

A period piece about illicit love with a married woman who’s in a loveless marriage. YAWN.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m not seeing a big box office for A Promise. Unless there’s a degree of awards love I can’t imagine it really takes off in the way it’ll need to to be a success. It looks fine, don’t get me wrong, but it also looks sorta bland. I’ve seen it, hell I’ve done it, and I do mean in 1920, so I even did it during the period. I’m a vampire.

Anyways, let me know if Hall shows her rack, then maybe I’ll give this a shot.