A new ACOD Trailer, Jobs Film Clip and A Single Shot Posters!

a single shot aug 152

A charming trailer for ACOD, a rather blah film clip from Jobs and posters for A Single Shot!


A.C.O.D. has a new trailer today, and it provides a solid argument for why we should immediately terminate all children of divorced parents. I’m 89% sure that’s the point of this film. I like Ben Wyatt and all, and it’s funny to see his stepmom in the film, Amy Poehler, who plays his lady love on Parks and Recreation, but I don’t think it’s fair he gets to nail Jessica Alba.

Of course, she’s ALSO a child of divorce in the film. So maybe they’re not all bad. Hmm… This bears further thought.


I’ve been coming down pretty hard on Jobs, mainly cause I don’t much like Ashton Kutcher.

Now that I’ve admitted that I feel much better. I shall now elucidate my reasons for why this film clip, and therefore the movie in general, blows.

Ashton Kutcher is not inspiring. DONE.

A Single Shot

A Single Shot has three new posters today, and they’re not half bad. I realize they’re basic character portraits, and don’t have a whole lot to offer in some ways, but at the same time I think it’s very clear the quality of the actors, and their intensity, from the shots. Especially William H. Macy. He’s always been one of the most underrated actors around. For reals, yo!

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