A Dolphin’s Tale (2011)


A Dolphin’s Tale is the story of a young boy who finds an injured dolphin and is able to get his parents and various vets and marine biologists to help him save the creature. The film was originally called ‘A Dolphin’s Tale ‘ and is officially now Dolphin Tale.

The dolphin lost her tail in a crab trap, and so the boy gets his local vet to take in the dolphin, and a doctor creates a prosthetic limb for the dolphin. This people are idiots. They found an injured dolphin. EAT IT. DOLPHIN MEAT IS THE MOST DELICIOUS MEAT OF ALL. Except human.

Oh, I get it. The title is so clever. Cause it isn’t just the ‘tale’ of a dolphin, but it also focuses on his ‘tail.’ Wow.

Dolphin Tale Trailer

The Scoop

Director Charles Martin Smith made Air Bud, so I know the story is in good hands. As of right now, stars Harry Connick Jr., Ashely Judd, and Morgan Freeman are all in the film. If the three of them join up, then A Dolphin’s Tale may actually turn out pretty decent.

Who’s It For?

Either G or PG. It’s like Free Willy, only with a dolphin and less gay.

Movie Release Date

September 16, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Harry Connick Jr. is rumored to be the vet, Ashely Judd would play the mother, and Morgan Freeman would play the doctor who wastes his time making artificial limbs for a FLOATING SANDWICH.

Interesting Fact

Dolphin Tale is based on a true story. When we aren’t busy killing each other, polluting the planet and being rude, mankind can do some pretty wonderful things. Imagine helping creatures such as dolphins, instead of accidentally killing them. What else can we achieve if we actually cared a little more?

Also interesting is that dolphins will kill one of their own as part of a game.

What’s Good About It?

It’s a 3D dolphin movie with a message about helping animals, instead of eating and torturing them for research?

What’s Bad About It?

Why the 3D? (besides the money) Please just remake Free Willy with 3D next time. So much easier to preview. I could have just written, “It’s just Free Willy, but with 3D.” See how easy that would have been?

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t see a big box office for this. Perhaps it’ll make the critics happy and a few people will see it.

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  1. Enough you poor ignorant serfs. Nobody eats dolphins. The mammal that runs along side boats. Stands up in the water and goes eeh, eeh, eeh. Jump out of the water. Blow-hole in top of head. Cute, greyish, blue. Flipper looking things.

    People eat and really enjoy dolphin the fish. Medium size fish, flat body, flat nose. Looks nothing like flipper. Great on the grill. Butter, lemon juice, little garlic… anyway it looks like a fish not flipper.

    I think maybe flipper was a porpoise which is different from a dolphin, but not enough to matter here. We don’t eat porpoise either.

    I’m sure somewhere in this world, somebody eats dolphin (the mammal) and porpoise, but not here in the U.S.

  2. who over wrote this review is a horrible person, “like free willy only less gay” The author of this review is highly unprofessional. I am offended and I’m going to do anything it takes to get this review removed. -sincerely a GAY american.

  3. Are you guys serious? A “Dolphin fish” is what you eat…it is called ” Mahi mahi” the dolphins in the movie are bottlenose dolphins and are highly intelligent mammals, probable more intlligent than those making these insane comments….

  4. If you want the low down on the dolphin industry go to Netflix and watch The Cove. Documentary that is gripping. And you will never joke about eating dolphin meat again.

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