28 Months Later (2011)


28 Months Later would presumably be set after the first two films, although little is known of the film at this point. The first two films were set in a post zombie apocalypse England, although the end of the second film showed the plague spreading, so all of Europe, Asia, and Africa may well serve as the setting.

28 Months Later Trailer

Nothing yet

Who’s It For?

Fans of the first two films in the series, and any children who you wish to keep up at night.

Movie Release Date

No official release date, although Danny Boyle had expressed interest in directing the film as early as November of 2008.

Who’s In It?

No casting has been announced.

What’s Good About It?

The first two films are largely responsible for the resurgence of Zombies in films. If Boyle does indeed direct, it will be one of the few horror films to have a high quality director at the helm.
Editors Note :

I know this isn’t a ‘Zombie’ film in the traditional sense, but in all reality they ‘infected’ demonstrate all the attributes os a zombie, regardless of how they are spinning the film. So, how about we refer to the people in 28 Months Later as ‘The Infected’ from now on?

What’s Bad About It?

The second film, while still good, was not as good as the first, and at some point London will burn out as a location for movies about Zombies and ‘The Infected’ who prey on the healthy living. The franchise has a loyal following, but for the most part the series needs a new angle to keep my interests up at any level.

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  1. zedsnipe,

    Its a zombie flick. From my understanding there are many ways to become a zombie. 1) by magic, a voodoo witch doctor can give a potion or a disease that puts you in a zombie-like state where you can be controlled. (Doesn’t matter if you’re dead or alive). You can become a zombie. That’s what I took from my research.

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