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23 Jump Street

23 Jump Street is happening, as it was announced last year, in September. This will be the 3rd movie in a franchise which seemed to be doomed from its first instalment. But everything went smooth for it, despite nobody expecting it. After all, this was just one of the many reboots/remakes that have happened in the past decade or so. Channing Tatum proved to be a hilarious actor, even if nobody believed that he is an actual actor, let alone a comedy one. Jonah Hill was right by his side – but, of course, everybody knew that he was comedy gold.

21 Jump Street scored $200 million worldwide, on a budget of just $42 million.

Even more surprisingly, the joke worked the second time too, with 22 Jump Street bringing about the same profit. So, as Channing Tatum said, “I don’t know what the next step is after college. […] I feel like it’s all redundant”.

But is it really? The second film had a hilarious ending, teasing a great number of sequels: 23 Jump Street (Medical School), 24 Jump Street (Foreign Exchange Students), 25 Jump Street (A Semester At Sea), 26 Jump Street (Art School), and so on. They even teased the replacement of one of the leads (Jonah Hill, replaced by Seth Rogen, in Sunday School), teased a game series, an animated series, and all sorts of by-products, until one final instalment called 2121 Jump Street (obviously, in space).

More than obvious, 22 Jump Street knows it is a comedy making fun of itself and other comedies.

For the moment, only Jonah Hill and Ice Cube have been officially confirmed for this sequel, with Channing Tatum still in talks. As said, it would be no biggie replacing one of the stars – those fake sequels did make that clear.

As far as the plot is concerned, there is nothing known about it. What is known is that those fake sequels are canon. So what point would there be to make a movie about them? As Phil Lord (producer and director of the previous movies) said, writer Rodney Rothman (22 Jump Street) has already found a way around them, with a story that wasn’t teased in the end credits scene.

Of course, there are others that say this is just a ruse and that 23 Jump Street will be about going to the medical school. In any way, we can bet that it will be as funny as the previous two instalments. After all, the same team will be working on this one as well – though it isn’t known if Phil Lord will return in the director’s chair.

Sony has big plans for this franchise, as anybody can tell. And these plans also include an all-female spin-off, as well as a cross-over with Men in Black (without stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones). But it all depends, at this moment, on how 23 Jump Street will perform at the box office.

Seeing that 22 Jump Street worked so well doesn’t mean that the third one will be a box office hit. So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

23 Jump Street Release Date

For the moment, 23 Jump Street is scheduled to be released sometime in 2016. However, seeing that it will be a year filled with blockbusters and that it wasn’t announced when this movie will begin shooting, we can expect for a delay. Most likely, 23 Jump Street will end up rescheduled sometime in 2017’s spring, most likely in April (a month pretty relaxed as far as the big movie releases are concerned).

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