Bad Santa 2 (2016)

Bad Santa 2 ?  Bad Santa 2, the follow-up to the 2003 hit film Bad Santa is coming soon. You can watch the Bad Santa 2 Red Band teaser trailer  below!

Bad Santa 2
Bad Santa 2

Billy Bob Thornton, returns as  Willy Soke, with Kathy Bates  as Willy’s tough-as-nails mom Sunny Soke, as well as original cast members Tony Cox as Marcus and Brett Kelly as Thurman Merman.

Joining them are Ryan Hansen (“Veronica Mars,” “2 Broke Girls”), comedian Jenny Zigrino (50 Shades of Black), and Jeff Skowron (The Good Shepherd). Hansen will play Regent Hastings, who runs a charitable organization with his wife Diane (Christina Hendricks). Zigrino and Skowron play security guards Gina and Dorfman, respectively. The original Bad Santa actually was a pretty decent success conisidering the competition it had last time around. The movie releases for Dec 2016 are a little weak, so it could be a really good time to launch this sequel. The 2003 movie did just over 60 million at the box office, you can usually double that for PPV and DVD releases, so it was a huge success by hollywood standards. If Bad Santa 2 can come anywhere close to those totals, everyone would be thrilled, since Billy Bob is getting paid 2 million to reprise this character. It will cost them around 10 million to produce and promote Bad Santa 2.

Bad Santa 2 Release Date

November 23, 2016.

The Good and Bad

Bad Santa was an R Rated comedy that appeals to a lot of people around the holidays. However, Sequels.. do they ever work out for anyone? Still, we think Bad Santa 2 will have a place for a lot of people this holiday season. A lot of adults want a christmas movie, just for them and Bad Santa 2 should do the trick. I think it would have been smart to make it a pg13 movie, with all you can get away with by the MPAA. Billy Bob Thornton has a strange appeal in this character, and I know I’ll be giving Bad Santa 2 a chance, in November.

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