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Terminator Genesis (2015) – Arnold will be back for T5

Terminator 5 is a sequel to Terminator: Salvation, which starred Christian Bale and Sam Worthington as rebel fighters battling the machines in the future. Originally the new Terminator Movie was coming in 2012, but it is now a 2015 movie release. The film is a go, now that all the garbage has been cleared out of the way with the movie rights and the contract between Annapurna Productions and Pacificorp is infally signed and sealed. This means a new T5 can movie forward, everyone is happy… for now. Yeah, we broke the news about Annapurna getting this script like a year ago, but outlets are just reporting this now (June 2013) lol.

Alan Taylor is going to direct the New Terminator Movie, he is also the man behind Game Of Thrones. Great news.

T5 – Terminator 5

New reports indicate the film may be helmed by Justin Lin, with a script by Chris Morgan. It is rumoured that Lin is out of the movie with the recent changes, which could be a good thing. Arnold could be back in. According to insiders, Megan Ellison, the producer behind Annapurna Pictures, does have Arnold Schwarzenegger committed to appear in the film if and when shooting begins.

Various reports have come in regarding T5. It could be set in the present, with John Connor coming back in time to fight the machines, or it could still be set in the future, as with the last film. Salvation ended with (spoiler) John Connor getting a heart transplant from the cyborg play by Worthington. Maybe his new heart will make him a super machine fighting warrior….This is a McG film, after all.

Billionaire investor Megan Ellis has confirmed

” it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.”

Salvation, while initially deemed a failure, ended up making a ton internationally, with over $300 million, so it looks like T5 is a go, maybe even a T6. McG has said that the next film will deal with time travel, although he hasn’t given away many details at this time. He did want to go back to the roots of the series, with a man coming back in time and running from a Terminator. It looks like there will be a new kind of Terminator as well, but again, plot details are scarce for the moment. It should be noted that Sam Worthington has said he’d love to come back for a sequel, which, with all the possibilities of time travel, could be possible.

We are certain Bale won’t be back, damn certain.

Terminator 5 Trailer

Yes, finally , here it is!

Release Date

T5 is a 2015 release now.

Who’s In Terminator 5 ?

Christian Bale in T5 is all but a go and is the most likely to return, along with Bryce Dallas Howard as his wife. Nothing confirmed yet.  Arnold will be in the new Terminator movie, as he recently tweeted he has given the green light to pursue offers through his management team.

Interesting Fact

Other possible story elements could include the return of Sarah Connor and Arnold. Also, a Terminator that can merge with other terminators to become a bigger, badder terminator. Like Voltron!

UPDATE: No Christian Bale or Bryce Dallas Howard. It’s a reboot, with Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke playing Sarah Connor and Jai Courtney playing Kyle Reece. Arnold will be back though (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?), but I’m not sure if he’ll be a Terminator again or not.

Dayo Okeniyi has joined the cast as the son of Miles Dyson, who started Skynet and invented the first Terminator.

3D? Will Terminator 5  be in 3D? The new Terminator movie  has James Cameron behind it as the writer which almost guarantees it will be in 3D. Rumor has it Cameron is relaunching the Terminator franchise with new character development and Avatar technology, so they can reboot the franchise.

What’s Good About It?

It’s time to get the Terminator franchise back on track, and even though Arnold is a senior citizen, he may just do it.

What’s Bad About It?

T4 was awful, can they bring this franchise back to respectability?

Our Clever Prediction

Arnold’s back, and the Alan Taylor has the proper vision to see a new Terminator movie being done correctly. We are excited.


  1. It sounds like James Cameron makes you j*$$ your pants, or maybe Sam Worthington.
    How can you say it had the best 3D? I don’t care what your perception is, both Star Wars and Prometheus had better graphics and 3D imagery the Avatar. It’s actually something that can easily be proven. If you continue to see otherwise it’s clearly your imagination or you’re blind. Avatar’s story was also a big ripoff of several movies (more than most films), mainly Ferngully.
    As for Sam Worthington, if they would stop making him be an American in movies they be better, because he simply can’t hold an accent. His Australian pops through a lot! It’s ridiculous! Just change him to an Australian character!
    I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is mine. I think almost everything you said is wrong, especially Star Wars for 2013. 🙂 Avatar sucks and James Cameron can’t write a unique story to save his life… And Sam Worthington can’t act to save his!

    That’s all.

  2. Well i ‘m gonna be honest… terminator three was the shitty’s film of the four… arnold’s script whoever directed or co-wrote made him look like a cheaper version of T2 but dumber…the plot sucked nothing made sense the hot chick that played the bad terminator i have NO PROBLEM WITH lol just kidding she made it look more cool the fact that they never had girl terminatiors previous…and the ending Sucked!

    Now T4 Salvation we have a new Sam Worthington who career was Sky Rocketed by James Cameron’s Avatar which by the way will have a sequel this year and more movies and novels to come which is exciting… But loved Sam Character in Avatar and yeah yeah laugh people…but hands down was it not! the best 3D movie you’ve seen to date??? answer yes…if you confused or don’t know.. well you know when you look into your friends Coke bottle glasses? we all have a friend who has some serious vision issues…thats what Avatar was like if you didn’t where the glasses you literally could not see the movie with out them!. Now thats what i’m talking about!. Films to date you can watch with out the glasses and still enjoy the movie. Infact i’ve never like a 3D movie since avatar… and if your still knocking me cause i like you should rent it cough cough… or…get it offline and re watch it. I did this yesterday and i can’t belive how could the imagery and technology that was used that Cameron never had in 1995 when he originally wrote it.

    But the reason i’m excited about T5 is that James wants to directed. I think it was 2005 that avatar was made or 06 05 was when cameron dusted the script off and found the technology available that he wanted to used to create the story how it was written… sources say he wants to used the same Technology her created in the next T5 movie. This is exciting on many level ONE being James Cameron is one of the Awesomest directors alive but want done right to a “T” lol he doesn’t stop at good enough Avatar he could have done in 95 but the wanted it done Gun’s Blazing Dedicated.

    New T5 and mention of T6 will have me excited…the question asked above should Arnold return??? Well i’ll comment breifly on why i like T4 so much.

    I thought T4 was great regardless of the reviews or that McG did it. It was what i got out of it that i liked. It was a bit long but whose in hurry few extra minutes with Arnold scene whatever..

    I thought this film was great for the fact that if your TERMINATOR fan like am you’ll notice in four that it has character’s from all the T films…New actors Worthington stepping into Arnold’s old boots but acting a strong character and actor the way i think should have been in T3 right? thats why we all love T2… the t2 trailer bike in the air with explosions behind that will never leave my mine…

    But Jump forward to when one of the moto bots is in pursuit of Kyle Reece and Star in the semi that worthington was driving…you see in that scene the same FLASHBACK to T2 when a moto bot flies or them an land just like T2… think back to the back hand Arnold gets in the bar at the beginning of T2 happens forty minutes in with worthington taking a hit with that cold machine unmarked blow that arnold took…all the traits and little thing that were emphisized and favourite lingo from the movies of the past were in this movie. We have Sam playing a hybrid TM which made that way better he wasn’t just scrap metal to the chip he brought a human side thats had more strength to him because of the human heart which no machine can replace and it just made things more interesting for the fact that you didn’t have a dumb robot with a program, from the beginning till the end his character had good morals powerful instincts rather than just cold calculated decisions like all the other terminators….don’t get me wrong all those terminator we’ve loved in the past… the not so sharp cool looking Black leather for the guys and the T3 chick that sported the red leather…made the foundation i’m leaning foundation wise beginning with T1 and T2…but T4 with the hybrid definitely brought something very new and exciting to the story. That my favourite part of the whole movie lol… is watching worthington play a ” human terminator” lol not just “LIVING TISSUE OVER METAL ENDOW SKELETON”.. his memories of his past and common knowledge and “Conception” of what the other terminators didn’t understand was what made me like it… were there unneeded parts sure, but there is in any movie …which again comes down to the director, which is why i’m stoked for the next film… if Cameron is going to direct you can bet your ass there’s gonna be more awesome just for his detail and love for production.


    WORTHINGTON HAS AGREED TO SIGN ON AGAIN TO ACT I’M EXCITED ABOUT THAT BECAUSE HE DONE SO WELL IN THE ROLES HE’S PLAYED…CLASH IF THE TITANS AAHH WAS FANTASY BUT SO WAS AVATAR AND I LOVED THAT. HE SEEMS TO BE IN SITUATION OF BAD ODDS BUT REMAINS OPTOMISTIC IN ALL THE ROLLS HE’S PLAYED… AND THATS why i like Salvation So much Was the Little things and actor kyle reeces Character has played in sonme popular movies like the last Star Trek movie as officer Checkoff(typos everywhere sorry) but yeah that kid has a bright future…and as always Christan Bale and the rest of the cast weren’t to bad either two bad either…

    Now that Disney has Bought lucas Films and has already planned a next starwars for 2013 and two every other year with books in between brings a whole new interest for the future….

    Disney also owning Marvel creators of Hulk, Ironman, and the las Avengers don’t forget caption america…and thor….shouldn’t have to much trouble making some awesome starwars movies……

    sorry for grammar and spelling…lol.. and no proof reading OUCH! I know, but this is new for me and i just wanted to put my opinion out there.

  3. Fantastic Doug

    If my previous comment is captured or killed,I will disavow any knowledge of it!