Friday the 13th (2015) – Jason’s Back

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Friday the 13th (2015) – Jason’s Back

It was recently announced that yet another Friday The 13th movie will possibly be released in 2015…building off the last abomination in 2009. Still, we like the Friday The 13th series, we would welcome another movie… unless it’s as bad as the last one. There is major confusion on the status of the FT13 franchise, where its at etc and why it hasn’t happened yet. It is now confirmed that , Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes production company, are back for the next Friday The 13th.

Friday the 13th: 2015

Jason Voorhees 2015

Jason Voorhees 2015

The next installment of Friday The 13th is still in the writing stages, but rumors are abundant of the plot, with some of them being confirmed. Rumor has it, the next Friday The 13th movie in 2015 will be a reboot… but around the idea of Found Footage. Really? Please on more ‘found footage’ films, do the FT13 franchise some justice and reboot it with more info on Jason, his mom and the camp!

For some reason they are 99% sure they are rebooting the franchise again, but in a way it makes sense. They want to tell the story, yet again, showing more detailed information of what happened to Jason to get him in such a bad mood.

Although this is still in the early writing stages, the story being but forward.. suggests the movie gets into more detail on the early days of Crystal Lake. But is it a young Jason, or old Jason we are introduced to? This is still up in the air.  We don’t really know much about Jason, his mom and the background at Crystal Lake, and here is the time to tell the story.

What we are hearing…

A prequel that showed Jason’s mother being raped and beaten by her satanic husband. Jason’s mother was pregnant when the possessed fetus starts communicating with her, commanding her to kill her husband.  He beat her badly which caused Jason to be malformed, which makes sense. Jason looks really fucked up when he leaps from the lake in the first film, his beatings in the womb may explain this angle.   Mrs. Pamela Voorhees ends up giving birth to Jason near Crystal Lake.  Voorhees is working at a nearby diner when a camp counselor hires her as a camp cook and convinces her and  Jason to move onto the camp grounds.

Jason gets picked on by the other children, he’s an outcast and a deformed one, making him an easy target. It all ends (or should I say begins) when one day the evil little bastards send him into the lake, telling him a girl wants to kiss him and he drowns. How he drowns is still a mystery, we believe he is pushed in the lake by the shitty kids, and they all watch him drown… thinking he’ll be ok.

Cool right? This plot makes way more sense than a found footage angle…

Friday the 13th 2015 Release Date

the new Friday The 13th movie is coming March 13, 2015… yes that is a Friday.

Who’s In It?

Derek Mears has been confirmed as Jason, if it is a continuation of the series with an ‘older’ Vorhees running around with a hockey mask.

The Good

The rumour of a back-story here is positive. We really have no idea of Jason’s real background, why his mother was the way she was…. where her evil came from. That being said, people want to see Jason, not sure if there is enough here to warrant a movie about the Vorhees past. The thought of a new take on the series is exciting.

The Bad

The 2009 FT13 was terrible, they blew it…  if they really go with a Found Footage angle for the 2015 release, I will be incredibly disappointed.

Our Prediction

A new Friday The 13th will still rake in the cash, and have enough little hotties running around to make us check it out.

A new
Friday The 13th movie for 2015.
X Derek Mears


  1. masebearcat September 28, 2013 at 4:00 pm -

    I really enjoyed this blog… and yes everybody has the right to their personal opinion about the 2009 Friday the 13th movie…. I respect that! I do disagree with the 2009 version, I actually thought it wasn’t too bad! I hated JASON X though! My favorite is still part 6:Jason Lives! I love the idea of the next Friday movie being a prequel.. If not I have an interesting idea… I think they should continue immediately after the 2009 version…and before the new plot begins.. Have Jason track down the brother and sister who survived the last one.. and Jason kill them off(sort of like the Alice character from part 1/2).. then start the credits… I’m not sure where the direction should lead… but maybe bring the Tommy Jarvis character back ( maybe he heard on the news about the 2 survivors from the last one deceased) and he decided to track Jason down ( kind of like the Rob character from ironically part 4, or Creighton Duke from part 9) and ends up moving back 2 Crystal Lake, and eventually having a final showdown with Jason towards the end of the movie. ( of course let Corey Feldman reprise the role, add a couple of up-and coming actors to support him, plus the two survivors from the last one can play a special appearance role, shoot maybe even bring Kane Hodder in this movie 2 help kill Jason, since he can’t play his role anymore).. I don’t know something like that… I think the true Friday fans would enjoy seeing old faces in this movie!

  2. Touchthetalent September 23, 2013 at 12:16 am -

    Wow, you are really not a true fan of the series. The 2009 reboot was definitely one best. Halloween (Rob Zombie should be crucified for what he did) and A Nightmare on Elm Street were horrible. This reboot had plenty of nods to all the previous Friday the 13ths before it. I’m am glad to hear that there will be another. However, YOU shouldn’t be the one to review it. I doubt you’re even old enough to have seen all of them as they came out in the theaters. Piss off!!

    • Mr Movie Preview September 24, 2013 at 11:44 am -

      another butthurt nerd, who hasn’t discovered girls yet, taking his frustration out on a blog.

  3. TheRaven April 8, 2013 at 9:39 pm -

    Dude, I have no clue why you didn’t like the last one. I loved it. The remakes of Halloween however……

  4. JMR7 February 25, 2013 at 8:57 am -

    I think FT13 series was awesome I liked the latest FT13 I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in the next installment of the series. I do however hope that they don’t do this whole found footage thing. Most movies with that sort of thing sucked.

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