Dr. Strange (2016) – Dr. Strange fights Evil As the Sorcerer Supreme!

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Dr. Strange (2016) – Dr. Strange fights Evil As the Sorcerer Supreme!

Dr. Strange (2016)

Finally… the rumored Phase 3 Marvel film, focused on the Sorcerer Supreme, one Dr. Stephen Strange. A surgeon whose hands are badly injured in an accident, Strange goes on to become the world’s greatest sorcerer. The basic premise of Dr. Strange, and likely the story the film will tell (all of this is still rumor, with no director picked, and only rumored stars for the lead role) is the origin of Dr. Strange. He is a world renowned surgeon, with unreal talent for healing, but when his hands are damaged in an accident, medical science has no answer. He loses his ability to keep his hands still, and feel the parts of the human body he needs to heal. He loses everything, and begins a new journey to try to heal himself. Dr. Strange travels the world looking for cures in alternative medicine, and he’s led to a mystical temple, where he learns about the mystical arts. He’s trained to become a sorcerer, and then saves the world from demons and evil wizards n’ such.

The journey for the character is from an egotistical doctor who wants to only further his career, where he only cares about fame and wealth, to a humbler man who saves the world through something that many would consider phony. Of course, it’s real, and he becomes a preeminent mystic and all that.

There’s a chance the film would tell Strange’s story from an outsider’s perspective, and not deal with the origin tale, which I think would be better, since I could give a huge turd about seeing his journey and introduction to magic, but it really depends on the director and the way its handled.

No director has been announced for Dr. Strange just yet, though Guillermo Del Toro used to talk about wanting to make the film. He’d be insanely perfect, but he was announced to be working on a DC project that’s very nearly the same, just about DC’s mystical heroes in a Justice League Dark film. Constantine, Zatanna, Dead Man and those fellas, so the odds are he won’t be making Dr. Strange.

Dr Strange Pictures

Dr. Strange Trailer

No trailer for Dr. Strange yet.

Release Date

No official release date has been set for Dr. Strange just yet, but it’s likely a 2016 release, if Marvel can get the script in a good place in time and get casting underway.

Who’s In It?

All rumors right now, but both Johnny Depp and Jon Hamm have been rumored for the part. I think Depp would be absolutely perfect, and so do many fan boys, but I’m betting Hamm is getting the role. Depp would be too expensive, and outside of Robert Downey Jr., Marvel has been tight with their pocketbook. Hamm needs to lead a big flick like Dr. Strange, and would do a decent enough job.

Patrick Dempsey has also lobbied for the role, but screw McDreamy. He blows donkey nuts.

What’s Good About It?

Dr. Strange could be an absolutely outstanding film, or a total turd. You really need a smart director with a flair for visuals and a clever idea to make this work. The character himself is rather bland, just being a mysterious sorcerer dude, but there aren’t enough films about magic in this sense (I’m not talking Harry Potter stuff, this would be legit scary) and to tie it into the larger Marvel world while also having Dr. Strange do his own thing could be incredible.

What’s Bad About It?

There is so much potential for Dr. Strange to be horrible that I don’t think I can really call myself excited for this until there’s either an incredible director attached or a solid trailer.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m honestly predicting the first real flop for Marvel with Dr. Strange. If they think they can make this into a film anywhere near Thor or Iron Man they are sadly mistaken. If they play their cards right though it might be a halfway decent flick about a sorcerer who fights evil. It could make halfway decent money, but this can’t be a super expensive film. It needs a tight budget to have a chance at being profitable.

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