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Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home is the new Will Ferrell comedy, that also reunites him with Mark Wahlberg. It’s the second time Ferrell and Wahlberg have done a movie together,  The Other Guys was their previous piece of comedy that did pretty well at the box office. Daddy’s Home is about a ‘nerdy’ radio executive (Ferrell) who is trying to win the hearts of his wife’s two children. Surprise surprise, things go south when bad boy dad Wahlberg arrives, forcing forcing the fathers to compete for the kids affection, and love. The plot is pretty weak, and we’ve seen it a dozen times lately. Two rivalries spend an hour trying to hurt each other, destroy their images for a greater cause, only to realize that they both are good people, and a happy ending occurs. Throw in some ‘comedic gold’ fart jokes, accidents, face punches.. and you have The Other Guys, and Step Brothers told from another angle. But hey, if you can keep getting away with retelling the same jokes, the same story.. with the same actors.. and people still pay to see it.. all the power to you.

Daddy’s Home Trailer

Release Date

Daddy’s Home hits theaters December 2015