The Devil in the White City (2014)

Big Tom Callahan May 23, 2013 18

The Devil in the White City is an upcoming movie based on one of the worst serial killers in history. Scared? You should be. This  upcoming DiCaprio movie has finally been confirmed for 2014, it has been pushed back a few times before securing this release date.

This 2014 Dicaprio movie is based upon serial killer Dr. HH Holmes, who is said to have murdered anywhere between 27-200 people in Chicago during the time of the World’s Fair of 1893. 200 people? Yeah, you read that right. His body count is up for debate, but HH Holmes could hack up unsuspecting victims with the best of them. His hacking and slicing techniques were legendary, and it’s amazing this book hasn’t been made into a movie earlier. The Devil in the White City is so disturbing, because it’s so damn true. Sick bastard? Yes, he makes Dahmer and Bundy look like little sissies. HH Holmes murder count is that of legend, about the same as Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger.  It’s a true story, you can read up more on this silly goose if you want to, but hey the guy was just trying to make a living, don’t be a hater.

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play the role of serial killer HH Holmes, which is pretty clever, since he also bought the rights to the movie this month, after beating out Tom Cruise for the honour of this book, and story. Leo has moved this movie back to a2014 movie release, I guess he was too busy doing the whole bad guy, slave owner thing in Django Unchained. We love DiCaprio as the lead choice, he can take the role of HH Holmes and run with it. Leo is going to make a killing (No pun intended) at the box office with this one, which we suspect will be a October 2014 release.

The Devil in the White City

Dr HH Holmes was pretty clever, and an entrepreneur. The good doctor used the Chicago World’s Fair to lure people into his World’s Fair Hotel, (later named “murder castle”), where the crazy bastard would murder his victims , hack them to bits and pieces and sell for scientific study. Pretty creative if you ask me. The hotel included a gas chamber and a crematorium. No word if the hotel had room service, but I do know they never had a valet service.

Sound sick, disturbing and the plot for a good movie? Yeah, we can’t wait either. There have been many stories and legends that were spun from this infamous HH Holmes, we are curious to see how far hollywood takes the truth and stretches it.

Who’s It For?

sick bastards like me, future serial killers.

The Devil in the White City Release Date

The Devil in the White City  looks like a 2014 release now.

Who’s In It?

We know Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead character. Everything else is still a mystery.

What’s Good About It?

The story of Dr HH Holmes is fascinating, and a true one.  The book was amazing, the story is frightening.

Our Clever Prediction

The Devil in the White City should be epic. This new DiCaprio movie sounds like one of the most anticipated of 2014, we can’t wait.


  1. zamudio.j October 26, 2012 at 12:41 pm -

    does anyone know when this movie is coming out becasue i am trying to do my history project on this topic and its hard. i have a feeling this movie will help but i have NO clue when its coming out…

    any help ?

  2. claysnake September 21, 2012 at 11:51 pm -

    That is…if he’s still okay acting again out of ‘retirement” and that playing a former President recently didn’t burn him out too much.

  3. claysnake September 21, 2012 at 11:38 pm -

    It’s almost hard to imagine this movie without Daniel Day Lewis in it somehow. Yet it would almost be too predictable for him to be playing HH Holmes, and like someone else said, he’s probably too old for that role anyway. I’d love to see him as Burnham, but again, he may be too old for that as well. What a bummer. Put him in as Olmsted then. DD Lewis could totally pull it off.