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Robocop (2014): Movie Preview

Robocop is the story of a Detroit police officer who is gunned down on duty, but through Frankenstein-esque witchcraft, is brought back to life as half-machine, half-man, and all awesome. But he still has to live and work in Detroit, so really.. it’s not that awesome in all reality.

Robocop (2013)

In the new Robobcop Movie, the plot remains the same. Officer Murphy was hunting down drug dealing criminals when he was killed in action, but Murphy’s, much like O’donnel’s, but nothing like McCready’s, don’t stay dead. Through the OCP corporation, he is brought back as a cyborg officer of the law. The new version will no doubt not be as great as the first, which is like the Citizen Kane of cyborg related, Detroit set films.

Rumour has it, Russell Crowe is being begged to play the role of Murphy, but we doubt Crowe will take this role. Our guess is Channing Tatum could get the lead role. Did we mention Detroit sucks?


I know it’s the trailer for the original, but this is the greatest movie ever.

Robocop Pics

The Robocop Remake

Director Darren Aronofsky, know for trippy films like The Fountain, but also the more recent and far more reality based film The Wrestler, is taking his time with Robocop. The tentative release date for the film, which does not currently have an approved script or any casting news, is 2013. His style could work beautifully for Robocop. The original was brilliant social observation, especially when Robocop shot that one dude in the nuts between the rape victim’s legs.

Movie Release Date

7 February 2014

Who’s In It?

Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy / RoboCop.

Abbie Cornish as Clara Murphy.

Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton.

Samuel L. Jackson as Pat Novak.

Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellars.

Jay Baruchel as Pope.

Interesting Fact

People who don’t like, nay, LOVE, Robocop are douches. FACT. Detroit Sucks.

What’s Good About It?

It’s ROBOCOP. Outside of the next Batman film, this is the film I’m most looking forward to.

What’s Bad About It?

Can anyone remake a cinematic masterpiece? It’s like asking if God could ever make another of me. Is perfection repeatable?

Our Clever Prediction

I’ve heard the film may go 3D, which will probably screw it up. Unless Robocop says, “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.” And then he points to me in the audience, and I stand up, raise my arms to the sky like those people at really enthusiastic churches. I will yell, “Yes, Robocop. I will come with you. I love you!”

I will enjoy my time in the mental ward for many years after.


  1. Pithom,

    If you know anything about movies, you would know that Orion pictures owned the rights to the original Terminator movie from 1984. It was used for the original Robocop because everybody liked it.

  2. I’m hoping this will open the eyes of another or even God forbid Re-boot of Starship Troopers.

  3. I agree with the author in hoping that peter weller will be in this new remake. But they will prolly pick some big name cant act muscle head to play the role. looking forward to it anyways. Cant Wait!