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Dirty Dancing (2016) – Dirty Dancing Remake is Coming

A new Dirty Dancing Movie was announced recently, apparently Hollywood is indeed going to destroy all our sacred 80’s movies one at a time. It wasn’t bad enough they remade Footloose, but now another Dirty Dancing was inevitable. Regardless, I think they could retell the Dirty Dancing story, but somehow I doubt they can salvage much of the original attention the original had.

The new Dirty Dancing movie has been bumped to 2016… another delay..

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A Dirty Dancing Remake

The story in the new Dirty Dancing Movie is going to remain the same. The movie is about a young adult named Frances (nicknamed ‘Baby’) who is spending the summer in a holiday camp with her family. ‘Baby’ falls in love with the camp’s dancing teacher Johnny Castle, originally played by Patrick Swayze. The two have a torrid relationship to start, but fall in love as Frances volunteers to be the lead female dancer in the end of the year dance performance.

The original Dirty Dancing was successful for a few reasons, how will the remake recapture this success is beyond us at this point.

  • Patrick Swayze – certainly the original film was riding the success of Swazye at the time. He was number one in Hollywood in 1987.
  • The 80’s – Movies were simpler back in the 80’s. We didn’t need the sex, violence and foul language to appreciate a movie..
  • The Soundtrack – perhaps the most under-appreciated element to the success of Dirty Dancing was the soundtrack. It drove movie ticket sales, and remained a top selling CD for 9 months.

Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk will write the screenplay with Maria Maggenti , which gives us some hope for the remake.


New Dirty Dancing Movie Trailer

Not for another year. Here’s the original Dirty Dancing trailer if you want to refresh your memory.

Dirty Dancing Release Date

The new Dirty Dancing comes out summer 2016

Dirty Dancing Pictures

Nothing yet.

Who’s In It?

Nobody has confirmed, but rumours are already speculating that Derek Hough could play Johnny Castle and Lea Michele for Baby. We think Julianne Hough would be a great ‘Baby’ if they are serious about remaking Dirty Dancing.

What’s Good About It?

The original was a iconic film that rounded out the 80’s in style. I wish today’s writers could just salvage a little bit of class when retelling a classic movie, without adding all the sex and violence they think a remake needs. If they can persuade Julianne Hough to join the movie, I think they will do just this. Hough isn’t tied to the movie at this point, but is there a better choice at this point? She’s beautiful, and can dance.

What’s Bad About It?

Whenever Hollywood remakes a classic, they turn it to shit. They add nothing but sex and violence, and label it as ‘improved’.

Our Clever Prediction

Unsure. The 80’s generation may gobble it up, but will today’s young moviegoers? Probably not.


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