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Something Real and Good (2013)

Something Real and Good is a new indie romantic drama about a man and woman who meet by chance at an airport, and an unexpected detour leads to them making the most of the night, and perhaps making a lasting connection.

There aren’t too many details about Something Real and Good yet, but the one thing that’s absolutely fantastic, and I ripped it off a bit above, is the film’s summary, which ends with “sometimes it takes a detour to make a connection.”

I literally just shit my pants with how awesomely hilarious that is. Let me go clean up and you read on.

Something Real and Good

Something Real and Good comes from director Luke Rivett, who has only directed short films up until now, and the film was written by Erin Carroll, who was a writing assistant for The L Word.

Well, I’m sold.


Something Real and Good Trailer

Something Real and Good Release Date

TBA, 2013.

Who’s In It?

 Alex Hannant … Her
  Matt Jones … Him
  Colton Castaneda … Waiter
  Ward Edmondson … Airplane Passenger
  Dillaran Martin … Airline Passenger
  Tommy Shayne Manfredi … Airplane Passenger
  Craig Shippey … Boy on Plane
  Marla Stone … Peggy

What’s Good About It?

The trailer for Something Real and Good is quite nice, and while the actors aren’t well known or big names, they seem to be doing a decent enough job. I hope, at the trailer leads me to think there might be a bit of this, that the story goes for realism in a beautiful way. Real love stories are very beautiful at first.

Then you meet her MOTHER.

What’s Bad About It?

Just kidding about the mother thing. The thing you meet is her period.

Anyways, the one thing that’ll likely hold Something Real and Good back is that it’s a small indie film and probably won’t get a very wide release. This might be the last time you hear about the film.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m not going to sit around hoping that Something Real and Good is a big hit and launches careers, but I will hope that it’ll be enjoyable and I’ll want to see more. And maybe the actors/filmmakers will get a few more opportunities because of it to really launch their careers.