Pain & Gain (2013)

Pain & Gain is based on a true story of bodybuilders getting involved in a kidnapping that goes wrong. Probably steroid-based confusion.

There aren’t a ton of details on Pain & Gain right now, but it’s being directed by Michael Bay, and will star The Rock and Mark Wahlberg. Wow. I feel like it has to be a comedy, but I keep seeing things that say it’s a drama.


Pain & Gain

Like I said, Pain & Gain is Michael Bay’s next film, which he will complete before Transformers 4. The screenplay was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Those two idiots are why Captain America was so stupid. Jerks.

Pain & Gain Trailer

Pain & Gain Release Date

April 26, 2013.


Who’s In It?

  Dwayne Johnson … Adrain Doorbal
  Mark Wahlberg … Daniel Lugo
  Ed Harris … Ed Dubois
  Anthony Mackie … Adrian Doorbal
  John Turturro … Marc Schiller
  Rob Corddry … John Meese

What’s Good About It?

Not much, honestly. I do like The Rock though, and his name in the film, Adrain Doorbal, is awesome.

What’s Bad About It?

Michael Bay is directing. Expect stupidity to ensue.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m sure Pain & Gain will get a decent push. Pretty much all of Michael Bay’s films have done very well. While Pain & Gain doesn’t seem that exciting at present, it does have The Rock, and Bay doesn’t make boring films. Well, the stories are boring, but not the presentation. Those are similar to a twelve year old boy on crack. And extra horny because he broke his arms and can’t touch himself.

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