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Justice League: Mortal (2013)

Justice League: Mortal is the long in development adaptation of the popular DC comic book, which stars Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and more.

The film was originally to be directed by George Miller, known for the Mad Max films as well as Happy Feet, although the director is currently developing another Mad Max as well as Happy Feet 2, so he seems to have left the project for the time being. Producer Dan Lin is still pressing forward, although DC may be going the Marvel route, by making individual films first, which would later combine into a Justice League film.

Who’s It For?

No doubt it’ll be PG-13.

Movie Release Date

I doubt it’ll see the light of day till late 2013, but you never know.

Who’s In It?

No casting yet and it’s doubtful that the Batman Begins or Dark Knight cast will join the film. Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern may still happen though.

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What’s Good About It?

The original premise sounded good, but that was when Miller was still attached. Justice League: Mortal was set to be fully CGI, which I liked, since you could perfectly capture the visual style of the characters while at the same time getting a good performance. Avatar showed how far CGI has come, maybe a Justice League film made the same way wouldn’t be half bad. At the very least there wouldn’t be any difference between the fight scenes and the story scenes.

What’s Bad About It?

Too much is up in the air at this point. It is hardly a film at all right now. If DC goes the Marvel route, don’t expect to see a Justice League movie for at least 5 years, if not more. That’s a long time for things to go wrong.

Our Clever Prediction

Right now, Christopher Nolan is working on his third Batman film, as well as godfathering a new Superman film. The world for each film is set to be entirely separate, so it doesn’t seem to fit in with the idea of combining the different franchises for a megamovie. But if Marvel’s Avengers does well then you might see this business model copied very quickly, which may not be such a bad thing. Just no Brandon Routh!

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  1. A JLA feature sounds great!