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InAPPropriate (2013)

InAPPropriate is a new comedy that takes aim at being the most inappropriate possible comedy. Hence the name. The most offensive part? It’s directed by Vince Offer. The ShamWOW guy. Yeah. This movie is going to be AWESOME.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a plot or anything in this film. I think it’s just random sketches of people saying really offensive things to get a laugh. But I’m offended because the trailer (below) doesn’t have a single offensive thing to say against Canadians.

What? Why not a little moose fucker joke? I make 73 of those a day. And I don’t get to make a movie. YOU SONS OF BITCHES.


Like I said, InAPPropriate is directed by Vince Offer, the ShamWOW guy, and he wrote the film, with a bunch of other people, including for some reason Adrien Brody. I understand getting Lindsay Lohan, and Movie 43 makes sense because there are a LOT of Oscar nominated stars in it, so they all get together for this, but Adrien Brody? And he wrote some lines? WHAT?


InAPPropriate Trailer

InAPPropriate Release Date

TBA 2013.

Who’s In It?

 Rob Schneider … J.D./Psychologist
  Michelle Rodriguez … Harriet
  Adrien Brody … Flirty Harry
  Lindsay Lohan … Marilyn
  Ari Shaffir … The Amazing Racist
  Chloe Dykstra … Passerby
  Anna Akana … Student
  Tabitha Taylor … Beach Bystander
  Jonathan Spencer … Lt. O’Flanagan/Fecal Pool Supervisor/Bob/Papparazzo
  Theo Von … Trapped Climber
  Rebekah Kochan … Passerby
  Da’Vone McDonald … Vondell
  Kimberly Irion … Store Patron
  Tara Holt … Triplet
  Vince Offer … Peeping Tom
  Shayla Beesley … Girlfriend
  Jessie Usher … Jamal
  Lana Kinnear … Beach Bystander
  Azur-De … Passerby
  Danni Lang … Beautician #2
  Mohamed Ibrahim Elkest … Taliban Guard
  Jada Facer … Girl
  Deborah Rombaut … Nurse Jones
  Alejandro Patino … Day Laborer
  Caroline Rich … Cindi

What’s Good About It?

InAPPropriate is making fun of people. All sorts of people. And I hate all sorts of people. So I’ll likely agree with a lot of these jokes. Look at the black guys with huge penises!

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing that I can see. Except, you know, the Vince Offer thing, Lindsey Lohan thing and the whole film thing.

Our Clever Prediction

InAPPropriate will likely bomb really hard. Unless Michelle Rodriguez’s awesome star power brings in the butts to the seats. Rob Schneider probably could make some big bucks for the film as well, but it’s likely Rodriguez’s drawing power that’ll save the film.